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We have no right to complain about animals. They were here before us! We are the problem on this earth not them!
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#Repost @thealphafemale_ Just in case this wasn't obvious enough, you definelty should not buy dyed animals this Easter. If you are considering buying chicks, make sure you have a proper set up waiting for them. Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, chickens are not throw away animals. They learn, make friends, have their own personalities, and are sentient beings who need to be cared for and protected every day of their life.. which can be up to 15 years long! Chickens need a house (a coop) and run with grass to eat and scratch in, that is safe from predators, and has enough space for each hen. If your are dying to let your child experience the joy of baby chick's but can't make the 10+ year commitment, then try taking them to a farm sanctuary, where they can meet happy animals who are living as they should. Chickens are amazing, rewarding, and fun animals to own but they require commitment just like any other pet. #easter #easterchicks #dyedchicks #animalrights #kindfarming #bekind
_ Scorching temperatures sometimes creates a thirst so fierce, animals seek sources of water wherever it can be found. Often times they venture to human settlements too. A langur monkey, in India learns to operate a hand pump by observation, to quench his thirst. #animalsaresmarterthanwethink #india #langurmonkey #thirst #climatechange #humanwildlifeinteraction
_ A rancher and a pilot are among four men sentenced to one year of probation and fined for a 2017 South Texas trip using a helicopter to hunt and kill exotic animals. A federal judge in Laredo on Wednesday sentenced 36-year-old Cody Morganthaler of Oklahoma and three men from Laredo -- 33-year-old Edelmiro Martinez, 39-year-old Eduardo Lopez and 56-year-old Inocente Sanchez. Prosecutors say Martinez owned Laredo Hunting Resort. Sanchez flies helicopters. Lopez helped organize the $12,000 hunt in which Morganthaler killed four antelope and sheep, on the ground and from the air. All pleaded guilty to violating federal law that bans using aircraft to shoot animals for sport or trophy hunting. Morganthaler, Martinez, and Lopez must pay $5,000 fines. The pilot was fined $2,500. Source -
#Repost THIS IS WHY YOU NEVER SHOULD BUY A TICKET! #EmptyTheTanks #CaptivityIsCruel #blackfish #dontbuyaticket #dontgetcaptivatedbycaptivity @respectanimalrights Does this false killer whale look "happy" to you? In captivity, dolphins and whales face a lack of stimulation and can resort to abnormal or even self harming behaviors. This is one incident of a dolphin jumping out of a tank at the Okichan dolphin theater in the Churaumi Aquarium. There have been similar incidents at Panama City’s Gulf World, SeaWorld Orlando and other facilities. More on why to never visit a dolphinarium is linked in @dolphin_project bio.⁣ ⁣ #DolphinProject #ThanksButNoTanks #FalseKillerWhale #Dolphintrainer #Bottlenosedolphin @dolphin_project
Soaring mercury levels have spared none. While we humans have several means to combat this unsparing weather, animals unfortunately do not have the luxury. More often than not, this forces them to venture out of their habitat, into human settlements. The monkey seen in the video is visibly thirsty, looking desperately for water. That is when it spots a water tap and attempts drinking water from it. A kind-hearted passerby, after seeing the monkey struggle so much, offers help, much to its relief. Via D-World Explorer YouTube
#Repost @bornfreefoundation These four lion cubs have had the worse possible start to life, but with your help we can give them a permanent home at Shamwari Private Game Reserve where they'll receive lifetime care in a safe and spacious environment. 🦁🦁🦁🦁 Please share their story and donate to the Lions of Lyon by visiting the link in @bornfreefoundation bio.
_ I HAVE A DREAM! Every dog deserves a home. Not every home deserves a dog! #everydogdeservesahome #everydogdeserveslove #ihaveadream
#Repost @animal_defenders_international ・ TWO PICTURES WHICH SAY: “CIRCUS SUFFERING MUST STOP”. Today is #WorldCircusDay . We have no problem with circuses, they are just no place for animals. The first picture was taken five years ago of OJ and Iron in a circus in Colombia before their rescue by ADI. They had been living in that circus cage for eight long years. No wonder they look broken. The second is the same lions taken this week at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. We don’t need to say which picture is right and which is wrong, it’s obvious isn’t it? Like over 40 other countries, Colombia has banned wild animals in circuses and that’s why OJ and Iron now enjoy life at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. SHARE IF YOU AGREE THAT: Circuses should keep the acrobats, the clowns and all the other human acts, but free the animals. Join the campaign to Stop Circus Suffering where you are Find out about adopting OJ and Iron US $ UK £ The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary is a place of loving kindness that aims to give back to rescued animals the lives that have been stolen from them. Donate link in bio We purchased the land for our sanctuary less than a year ago and so if you are able to make a major contribution you can be listed as a ‘sanctuary founder’ or have a habitat named after you. For details, please contact execassistus@ad #animaldefendersinternational
#Repost @worldanimalnews_ Here are the best videos starring the rescued animals at #FOURPAWS sanctuaries playing with their enrichment. Thanks to the hard working local teams for everything they do to help them cope with their horrific past. 🙏🐻🐅💛@bear_sanctuary_arbesbach , @baerenwald_mueritz , @bearsanctuarydomazhyr , @dancing_bears_park , @lionsrock_sanctuary , @felida_bigcatcentre , @bear_sanctuary_prishtina - Via @four_paws_international - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
_ KERALA ELEPHANT RUNS AMOK DAMAGING PROPERTY AND CAUSING CAUSING HARM Elephants in 'musth' become unpredictable and overly aggressive. The elephants are often abused and meted out with horrendous treatment. After years of torture, they often snap when they go into 'musth'. This is a phase a young bull elephant will sometimes seek revenge on the owners or mahouts (caretakers). There have been many cases of elephants trampling their handlers. #kerala #india #templeelephants #animalcruelty #stopanimalabuse
“We are running out of time but there is still hope…” Sir David Attenborough has issued his strongest statement yet on the threat posed to the world by climate change. Via BBC #ClimateChangeTheFacts
NINJA CAT! 😻😻 Via JungleCreations #catsofinstagram #ninjacat #stealthmodeactivated #toocoolforschool
#Repost @pantheracats The #cloudedleopard is Panthera's March Catness 2019 winner by popular vote! To celebrate, we've created a video made up of camera-trap clips and photos of this elusive feline. #BigonSmallCats #MarchCatness #competition #winner #cloudie #catconservation #wildcats #wildcat #cloudedleopards
#Repost @thedodo Happy Friday 😂 This donkey sounds like an opera singer 🎶
#Repost @four_paws_international Today is 🎪#WorldCircusDay 🎪! Unfortunately, there are still many circuses exploiting wild animals like tigers for entertainment purposes. The big cats are forced to perform in the ring, live in tiny cages and some are even used for selfies with the visitors. This needs to stop❗ Stand up for tigers and sign our petition against tiger trade in Europe here ➡️ [LINK IN @four_paws_international BIO] . . . #FOURPAWS #VIERPFOTEN #tiger #tigertrade #bigcat #bigcats #wildanimals #circus #stop #ban #petition
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