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New πŸŽ„album out now featuring Eddie Clendening (Elvis) from B'way's 🎸 #milliondollarquartet This week's Youtube Video right here.↙️

Double tap if you helped make this happen! β™₯️ Can't thank y'all enough for giving my music love this year. Y'all are the best fans a guy could ask for.
#ICYMI Check out this week's Youtube video releaseπŸŽ™- live performance of "The Christmas Song" from my new album "Home For The Holidays" 🎁 Link in bio.
She told me she approves of my Hard Candy Christmas. She also told me to tell y'all to put that shizz on rotation!! #spotify #levikreis #homefortheholidays
Dec. 4th has me thinking about 1956 (the night #milliondollarquartet is based on) and indirectly all the piano men that have blown my mind growing up. Like this living legend. #ronniemilsap
Sunday morning worship before today's first Home For The Holidays show in Lexington. Y'all enjoying the Christmas album?
Gratitude is a lifestyle, not a season. Thankful every day for you guys being on this journey with me. Lemme hear it - what are you thankful for?
✝️ fall on your knees, oh hear the angels voices πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ oh holy night official music video πŸ‘‰πŸ» link in bio.
Y'all get on the Levi train tonight for a casual online release party - singing a few songs from my new xmas album, taking your questions, hangin out. All happening on Concert Window at 8pm Eastern. Concertwindow.com/levikreis
Final write week of the year before hitting the road w/ holiday shows. Good vibes.
A little secret. Every since going on the road at 12 years old, my pre-show ritual, even to this day, involves singing a song called "My Soul Desire". The lyrics are... . . My soul desire is to be used An empty vessel longing to be filled by you My soul desire is to serve you, Lord To do your perfect will To live each day and build your kingdom This is my soul desire. . . It helps me remember that being an entertainer is not about how much you like me, but who might be in need of something that is bigger than I. And how I can get my ego/insecurities out of the way and hopefully be a conduit for It. This song has always been my mission statement and my anchor. . . So when I met the writer of this song yesterday, on my birthday, I had the honor of letting him know how God has used him in my life. And still does. Much respect, Mark Baldwin. . #inspirationalsongs #mentorshipmatters
Y'all, I'm starting to hear that good seats are disappearing fast for several shows on the Home For The Holidays Tour. If you're in Nashville, Chicago, Lexington, or Oak Ridge, go to my website and git'm now before you have to buy a single and sit alone.😒 But then again, rolling single, you might meet your Christmas crush β™₯️ Call me your Christmas Cupid. πŸ€”
To my new friends at Nova Southeastern @nsuflorida and Tennessee Theater Association @tntheatreassociation , y'all touched me last week. I never would have thought that when encouraging you to trust your own voice, I would find a new aspect of my own. Thanks. We're bonded forever. β™₯️ . We are victor, not victim. We are action, not empty affirmations. We are the vitality that creates the future because of, not despite, our past. Show the world your #spiritualactivism #leadership
Join me tomorrow 7:30 EST for online chat & premiere of my new music video. Only on YouTube! Link in bio.
Howdy friends! Been layin' low but back and gearing up for πŸπŸŽƒπŸ¦ƒπŸŽ„. Oh! Y'all, I have two shows this week in southern Florida. Check my site if you wanna come. Missed you guys.
All around the water tank waiting for a train. A thousand miles away from home, sleeping in the rain. #hanksnow #jimmierodgers #grandaddysmusic #railroadsongs #smalltownvalues
Y'all might dig this. Right now, 100 advanced copies of the new Christmas album are for sale exclusively on my website - one month before the official release & autographed if you choose that option. Can't wait for y'all to hear this. It's a nice fusion of country, gospel, jazz, and rockabilly - a pretty fresh take on some of your favorite Christmas classics. πŸŽ„ Jingle Jingle.
πŸ€” So, I jammed the last 3 months into a behind the scenes video for ya'll... then realized it outed me as a total goofball. πŸ™„ Oh well. Enjoy! Link in bio! . . . #levikreis #americana #rockabilly #jazzmusic #countrychristmas #christmasmusic #hardcandychristmas #mrgrinch #thecarpenters #thechristmassong
Y'all know him as #hershelgreene on #thewalkingdead . I knew him as my dad on the first film I ever shot. Over 50 years a veteran actor, #scottwilson pulled me under his wing for two months on set - teaching me, challenging me and making me better. I remember him telling me how skilled stage actors were and that if I could succeed there, I would succeed anywhere. His encouragement was the first thing I thought of on the night on my Tony Award win. The world lost a brilliant talent this weekend. Cheers, big guy. 🍻
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