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New 🎄album coming 11/09 featuring Eddie Clendening (Elvis) from B'way's 🎸 #milliondollarquartet Behind The Scenes 🎬 video is right here↙️ Subscribe🙏🏼

End of day one shooting the first video for the coming christmas album. Just a handful left of those advanced copies. Snag'm now at my website.
Y'all might dig this. Right now, 100 advanced copies of the new Christmas album are for sale exclusively on my website - one month before the official release & autographed if you choose that option. Can't wait for y'all to hear this. It's a nice fusion of country, gospel, jazz, and rockabilly - a pretty fresh take on some of your favorite Christmas classics. 🎄 Jingle Jingle.
🤔 So, I jammed the last 3 months into a behind the scenes video for ya'll... then realized it outed me as a total goofball. 🙄 Oh well. Enjoy! Link in bio! . . . #levikreis #americana #rockabilly #jazzmusic #countrychristmas #christmasmusic #hardcandychristmas #mrgrinch #thecarpenters #thechristmassong
Y'all know him as #hershelgreene on #thewalkingdead . I knew him as my dad on the first film I ever shot. Over 50 years a veteran actor, #scottwilson pulled me under his wing for two months on set - teaching me, challenging me and making me better. I remember him telling me how skilled stage actors were and that if I could succeed there, I would succeed anywhere. His encouragement was the first thing I thought of on the night on my Tony Award win. The world lost a brilliant talent this weekend. Cheers, big guy. 🍻
Was talking to a new pal today. His ten year old son passed a few months ago. The unbearable pain has birthed an inspiring new vision inside of him. A way to give back. Y'all remember, your greatest pain might be there to birth your greatest gift to the world. If life has made you an authority on something, teach. 🙏🏻 . . . #levikreis #americanamusic #southernsoul #countrysingersongwriter #knoxville #louisvillemusic #lexingtonmusic #cincinnatimusic #chicagomusicscene #chattanoogamusic #indianapolismusic #ashevillemusic
Happy Birthday @jerryleelewisthekiller 🎹My best memory's a toss up between our interview for @nytimes , (pictured here you signing my Bible), recording a duet with you, or sharing a stage. Humbled by it all and forever grateful. You've meant the world to me since I was a scrawny country boy playing Great Balls Of Fire at 12 years old during family reunions. Being your @thetonyawards winning Jerry Lee is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for the living legacy that you are. #lastmanstanding 👊🏼
Sundays w/ Connie Lee = a Monday full of hilarious memories. #mammasboy
I remember Brenda Lee talking about how grateful she was for Owen Bradley, a well-known country music producer. I don't think he minded sharing his piano with me.
What the 😳 just happened? This morning's write sesh with @nashville_creative_house and @jessicacayne was 🔥. I need a 🚬. When y'all hear this one next year, I will not be responsible for your wild and reckless abandon.
One of three great writes today, this one with my pal @codyjoehodges #musicrow #countrysingersongwriter
Dedicating the new #acousticcovers to the amazing fans of my fellow #buddysplacenashville alum @brettyoungmusic. We all see how loyal y'all are and now our boy has his first @cma award nom. Thanks @brettsyoungsters @brettyoung_ig8 @brettyoungsquad @country_fan_86 @brettyoungssuperfan and all of you #brettyoung supporters.👍🏼 (Link in bio)
нey ғrιendѕ! eхcιтed тo ѕнare a new ѕιngle and vιdeo wιтн yoυ тoмorrow!
Cafe wireless, ☕️ of dark roast & messages from you - ya'll are the reason I get to do what I do. 👊🏼 Loyal forever to those of you who are with me on this musical journey.
ĸeep ѕмιlιng, вeaυтιғυl🌸yoυ're нalғ way тo тнe weeĸend.
🍻dιd ya'll нave a good мonday? waѕ ιn тнe ѕтυdιo тoday & can'т waιт тo geт тнιѕ 🎄alвυм тo ya'll. 🤗
🔆ѕυnday cнιllιn and lovιn yall. 🏖
Coming soon...🎁
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