Leonidas & Orion

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hey ladies 😉 - kota loooves nibbling on the kitties 😂 do your cats and dogs get along?
happy caturday! ✨ have some floofy tootsies 🥰 -
happy #flowercrownfriday 🌷✨ enjoy my irresistible head tilt 😉♥️ - crown: @freyasfloralco
just showing off my glorious floof 😎 are you also extra fluffy and soft during the winter season? -
i love how cat eye colors change based on the light! ♥️ i especially love photographing leo by the window on days with blue skies—the blues reflect so nicely off his green eyes and turns it into a turquoise 😍 what color are your eyes? - crown: @freyasfloralco use LEO for 10% off
today is day 11 of @thelitterrobot ’s 12 days of christmas giveaway! visit free.litter-robot.com for a chance to win 🎉 two lucky winners will win a litter-robot 3 connect (color of your choice) and a 1 year subscription of litter EVERY DAY! giveaway is only open to residents of the US, who are 13 years of age or older. #freelitterrobot #christmas2018 #amazonpay #sponsored - seriously, we love our litter robot! yes, leo does fit and actually sticks his head out the front when he uses it to maximize his space 😂 boy do i not miss scooping litter daily 🙌 this is the future, my friends! 😆
monday? what monday? no eye contact = no monday 😌 - collar: @bearytailleatherco
when christmas is fast approaching, and you haven’t started buying gifts yet 🙀 -
happy caturday! ♥️ today is the human’s birthday 🎉 maybe i won’t cause as much trouble today? 🤔 - our 100k giveaway ends tomorrow! go check it out if you haven’t to win some goodies! 🙌
As many of you know, I recently switched Leo and Ori to raw 🙌 This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, so I'm so happy to have finally been able to make the jump with @darwinspetfood. They sell balanced, raw meals for both cats and dogs. For cats, they offer chicken, turkey, and lamb in 2lb packages (each package is separated into four 8oz pouches, making it super easy to portion out meals). I had to buy a mini freezer just for the kitties, but it has been totally worth it! - Luckily for us, the transition was super quick and easy. Ori used to be on raw as a kitten (thank you @leap_of_faith_bengals !), so I expected the transition to be easy for him. Surprisingly, Leo actually transitioned easier! As soon as I placed the meal out, Leo dug in immediately. For Ori, I actually had to mix his meal with his favorite wet food to get him to eat. I only had to do this for a couple meals, lowering the amount of wet food each time. Within 3 days, they were fully transitioned. - The results we’ve seen since transitioning: 1. Odorless and smaller poops! This is honestly what I was most looking forward too 😂 I no longer have to suffer through Leo’s nuclear bomb poops. However, cats do pee a lot more on raw! You’ll find they drink less water, as there is a lot more moisture in raw food. 2. Softer coats! Leo and Ori have been feeling exceptionally soft recently. I know their winter coats are probably growing in too, but I’m positive the new diet has an effect on it as well! 3. Waaaay more energy. Great for the kitties, bad for my neighbors 😅 Leo and Ori playing now involves running back and forth crazily through the apartment. You’d think I own a pack of dogs with how loud they get sometimes. - Currently I am feeding 1lb a day between Leo and Ori, split up into 2 meals. For reference, Leo is ~21lbs and Ori is ~12lbs (kittens eat more). ‼️Check out the comments for some tips on transitioning 😸 - If you’re interested in trying raw, @darwinspetfood has an introductory offer of 10lbs for $14.95, which is a steal! - ❓If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments! I will answer as best as I can. #darwinspetfood #darwinspartner
christmas trees make such a good backdrop 😂✨ bokeh paradise! - bandana: @candyapple_petsupply
As a purrfessional meowdel, it's important for me to keep all my fabulous photos and my instagram account safe! ✨ If you have been holding off on updating your system, then it's time to #UpdateMeow ! 💻 System updates are essential to protecting your data. Start making it a habit to regularly update your system, instead of putting it off for later. - Check out intel.com/UpdateMeow to learn more about the importance of system updates! #sponsored
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