Leonidas & Orion

better dressed than you. ✧ ft. lucy, the ferrets & @kota.wolf ✧ hello@leomainecoon.com ✦ ↓ PINS & STICKERS benefiting @pawschicago

is it too early to be listening to christmas music? there is only one answer: NOPE 😉 #isitchristmasyet #throwback -
when you accidentally open up the front facing camera 🤪 happy #tongueouttuesday ♥️ -
have a sleepy baby leo to brighten up your monday! i certainly needed it myself 😅 -
are you really leaving us, weekend? 😕 #imissyoualready - bowtie: @helloshibe use LEO for 10% off
i’ll be here all weekend if you need me 😴 - this chair is leo’s favorite sleeping spot. there’s a 75% chance you’ll see him here at any time of day! do your pets have favorite places to sleep? ♥️
happy #flowercrownfriday 🍁♥️ some of the leaves here have started turning yellow! is fall in full swing where you live? - flower crown: @freyasfloralco use LEO for 10% off
is that a treat in your hand? 👀 #getinmybelly - bowtie: @charliediekatze
happy fierce #whiskerwednesday 😎✨ how’s my camouflage? 🍁 -
hello to our newer followers! 👋 though we would share 5 facts about leo today: 1. he is 3 years old 2. he weighs 20lbs 3. he is from a breeder and came home 3 months after lucy. the cat lady fever caught on fast 😂 4. he hates being outdoors and will meow nonstop until i bring him back inside 🤦🏻‍♀️ 5. he is not a lap cat by choice, but will let me pick him up and cradle him on my lap while he’s sleeping 😆 -
my face when i realize it’s monday 😱 #sendhelp -
'cause every night i lie in bed the brightest colors fill my head a million dreams are keeping me awake - i recently (finally) watched the greatest showman and loved it! can’t get the songs out of my head 😂 this photo reminded me of the scene where they sing “a million dreams” ✨
happy caturday! ♥️ had some fun imaging what ori would look like with aqua colored eyes 👀 his normal color is green-tinged brown, but may change to a full green slowly! -
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