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#SecondAct in theaters now #Troublemaker Ballantine Books #ScientologyTheAftermath

Flashback to feathered hair (aka the mullet), rope chains, and warmer weather #fbf
Love this gift from my daughter! The 20 things she loves about me: 1. You are so giving 2. You always try to help 3. You are the bravest person I know 4. You always make me laugh 5. You gave me life 6. You give me amazing advice 7. You put up with me 8. Your intuition 9. You know a lot of cures for random things that actually work 10. You call the doctor even if I have a cold 11. The funny way you pronounce words 12. How you own your bitchyness 13. Your confidence 14. Your love of movies & TV shows 15. How you take my fashion, music, social media, and makeup advice 16. How you never ground me 17. Your care for my safety 18. How you try and make everything perfect 19. How you try new recipes like everyday 20. Your endless hugs - Obviously number 16 will be changed because of number 12. #ValentinesDay
My husband @therealangelopagan did pretty good too. But then... read the last line! Lol men #ValentinesDay
As I made my daughter breakfast and sent her off to school this morning, my heart was breaking for those who had their children and loved ones tragically taken from them. No one should have to experience and live with that kind of pain. Our hearts are with you, Parkland.
I did this, yes I did. #valentinesday
This is normal for one sitting, right? Asking for a friend @ferrerorocherusa
Texts from my mom @vikkimars50
It’s going to be a good day ;) #SundayMorning
My honey @therealangelopagan went to the Marc Anthony concert and look what he brought home for me! Thank you @marcanthony for singing to me, one of my favorite songs! #MarcAnthony #TeConozcoBien #AboutLastNight
Texts from my mom @vikkimars50
In celebration of the #Grammys this weekend, some #FBF moments from when I was... young..er ;)
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