Juan Gonzalez, master barber

☎️APPOINTMENTS ONLY " 📞(310) 590-5973... ADULTS.....$25 AND UP. "" Off SUNDAYS ONLY. "" #laylowshaveparlor ✂️

Back to school it is ...✏
Schedule up an appointment I have a couple spots still available for Saturday
Lather up this week while some spots are still available #laylowshaveparlor
Treat yourself to a hot towel service , on a hot salty sticky day, and come out a new man I recommend it 👍#laylowshaveparlor
On a timer,and might make you see more clearly on the way you see the world,
Schedule your appointment while is the beginning of the week,
Last Saturday,5am morning haircut, the homie jay didn't back down on a morning hair cut..
Chingate algo
The good old days ,with the broskie
No shortcuts here,I stand behind my work, you're work is your signature .
Proud of my work no paint no airbrushing,straight razor work control, make your visit to the barbershop worth your spending..
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