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Los Angeles // Baltimore Psych Pop Dance Rock // @elreytheatre 12/06

Thanks to all who’ve supported our @elreytheatre dec 6th with @rettmadison and @valleyqueenmusic. We have cool stuff to show and give you ♥️ thanks for this photo @sheisbaum ♥️ photo on the photo @mattytae ♥️
My creative, supportive, talented friends are asking for help to take their liquid light passion to a sustainable level. If you can, please (and thank you 🌞) donate to their kickstarter ♥️ Long live @liquidcouragelightshow ♥️ Link in bio to donate. Catch them at my Zeppelin birthday party 10/29/18 at @harvardandstone. Pic 1 @nicolbiesekphoto. Pic 2-4 LCLS creations ♥️ pic 5 tru love ♥️
REGISTERING & VOTING FOR MY FIRST TIME AND YOU SHOULD TOO : ) Ten years ago, Nov 4th 2008, Obama became president on my 20th Birthday. "I would've voted for him!.. If I was registered." I knew he'd win so MY vote "wouldn't have mattered." I said the same words when I lucked out a second time in the 2012 elections. Fast forward to today.. like Maryland, I am living in another blue state, California. But these states are a part of a whole that (in my opinion) is rapidly backtracking. Educating myself on our current political climate triggers my depression thus stifling my growth in all ways. I am embarrassed to say that I am finally learning the importance of the midterm elections and how there IS hope for those wanting to overturn the evil. LET’S POP OUR LIBERAL BUBBLES. TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY FOR CALIFORNIANS TO REGISTER TO VOTE. GO TO THE LINK IN MY BIO ( And ‪on NOV 6th‬, if you're in need of some insight on how to vote and what it all means, you could check out @tessmoconnor ’S IGTV video. Vid 1 by @knockthevote.
Pulled the birthday card this year and asked all of these talented people to serenade me with Led Zeppelin songs. You’re welcome 😊🦂♥️🍄 FREE. Monday, October 29th at @Harvardandstone. Music from 930 to midnight. Visuals by @liquidcouragelightshow. Invite mom and dad and all the Zepp lovers in your life. Film photo of me in my birthday suit by @emmamariej_. Swipe for a better view of the stars. AND I will IG live this for all my Europe loves ♥️
Tonight’s going to be beautiful. Tickets at @thestoriesofwomen @kidd.bell @plannedparenthood ♥️ See you soon ♥️
Bowie cover with my VK brothers up on the tube. Check link ♥️ We’re playing Sacramento 11/25 ♥️ photos @christinesolomonphotography
Thank you @kidd.bell ♥️ for inviting me to be a part of @thestoriesofwomen event 10/18. An advanced thank you to @plannedparenthood and all the story tellers ♥️
@tessmoconnor , you‘re a talent 📷. Peep the whole gallery, link in bio. I love you @theohanafest ♥️ ps. my rad pants are from @vintageonhollywood and my rad top is from @lustandfond ♥️
We’re headlining the mother effing @elreytheatre on December 6th along side two of my favorite talents : @valleyqueenmusic @rettmadison. Tickets go on sale this Thursday 10/4 💛🧡 Photo @triplefloral. Linky in the binky.
@theohanafest is today!!! We play on the tiki stage at 420 🌱 have your joints ready. We’re playing our new song “wise gal” for the first time. Hope you like it 💙💕 photo @nicolbiesekphoto. top @lustandfond ❤️
I love my @moonhoneyband. I love my @slugslyfe. Come see them play @theechola tonight in celebration of the release of Moon Honey’s genius album. @hott_mt and @blckflmngo are also playing! I’m also going to dj for my first time! ALSO SEE YOU TOMORROW AT @THEOHANAFEST ♥️♥️♥️ Photos by @michelleshiers.
@theohanafest is next weekend ‼️🙃🤟🏽 swipe for set times
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