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one of my favorite moments in nyc, captured by @cibellelevi 📸 it was an AHA! feeling, knowing all of the “what if’s” and “no’s” and “not now’s” in my life led me here, to this moment, when everything made sense. i’m learning to let go and trust the journey, because life is forever a work in progress ✨ ps. my full #nyfw diary is on the blog right now! link in stories.
it’s *almost* friday, right!? 🤷🏻‍♀️ stop by any @alfred location this month to see our @summerfridays sleeves on your fav coffee, and tag us in your pics! #SFxAlfred
When people ask me about how I’m balancing mom life and work life, I feel like the most honest answer is that I’m not really balancing it at all. Some days I’m a superhero, taking meetings and launching products and still finger painting with my boy while making him an organic meal I found on pinterest. Other days I’m a mess, barely able to keep up with the hundreds of emails in my inbox, missing calls because Ev isn’t feeling well, and doing it all while in the poop-stained sweatpants my son so lovingly made his mark on. But no matter the feeling — whether i’m the superhero or the mess — I start and end each day with so much gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunity to be a mother — a role I wanted more than anything in life. Gratitude for the opportunity to work — a gift that I do not take for granted, especially as a first-generation American. And gratitude for all the beautiful chaos God gave me in this very moment. Because even if I’m not perfect at balancing it all, I know I can do it all — for myself, for my son, and for every mama out there trying to raise kind humans while showing up for work... #motherhoodunplugged
i can’t even bring myself to say the word “toddler” 🙈 #evangrey #bigboy
we’re taking over @forbes instagram today to share the business (and journey!) behind @summerfridays ✨ it took @marianna_hewitt and I nearly two years to launch the brand. our first “meeting” happened when I was six weeks pregnant - which pushed us to create a “NO” list of ingredients for our products, so they would remain clean. the whole thing was just an idea then. we didn’t have a name or a vision board or a business plan yet. but ideas turn into plans that turn into REAL things when you dare to start. we found a lab, dreamed up the packaging, picked our colors... and never looked back. there were a lot of in between moments that were hard, and scary, and intimidating. but i’m so happy we started, and i’m proud we never quit. we are so grateful for you... #TGISF
lashes *after* @narsissist Climax mascara versus lashes before 💃🏻 this is the new mascara i've been trying, and it's been making my #momlife eyes look a little more awake by adding a lot of fullness to my lashes. ps - this is *without* any false lashes or extensions so you can see the real deal! available at @sephora... #NARSpartner #NARSissist #NEVERFAKEIT
who’s tried our @summerfridays overtime mask? ✨ here’s what’s in the magic... • pumpkin exfoliates + hydrates skin • apricot seed powder sweeps away dead cells (it’s gentle, unlike damaging synthetic abrasives) • oat kernel protein calms inflamed skin • vitamin E fends off the aging process • available at + @sephora (US + canada) + @cultbeauty in 10/2018 #overtimemask #summerfridays
this morning’s yoga sesh 🧘🏻‍♀️👶🏼 but let’s be real, he sticks around for one downward dog and then tries to run away from me...✌🏼🌬 #littleyogi
our best days ever ☀️ today we got out the finger paint so evan could make his first masterpiece (which is V abstract, btw) 🤣🎨 but you better believe i’m still framing it, obvi!! #littlepicasso
file this under: tops I cannot wear while chasing after my baby 👶🏼🙅🏻‍♀️ #nyfw #momlife
my take on a black suit 💃🏻 dress is by @ronnykobo + booties are by @senso... #NYFW
home sweet home 🙏🏼
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