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Sol and Gary met today at Estefan Enterprises in Miami with @emilioestefanjr himself to discuss #TheNewMainstream in media. Big ideas and big things to come. Vamos! #TheLatinoFactor #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
You’re looking at the art of Jean-Michel #Basquiat , one of the most well-known artists from the 20th century. Basquiat was an American artist of Puerto Rican descent. He painted over 152 pieces, one of which holds the record for the most expensive piece of artwork ever sold by an American artist at $110.5M. Now that’s #TheLatinoFactor ! #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING rp @danoday
This week, L’ATTITUDE co-founder Gary Acosta sat down with Richard Edelman (President & CEO of Edelman) and David Sable (Non-Exec Chairman of VMLY&R) at the @latinodonorcollaborative convening in NYC to discuss marketing opportunities built from targeting the Latino market. As Edelman said, “The opportunity is mainstream, not niche.” #TheNewMainstream #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
When Sol Trujillo received the award for @HispanicExecMag ’s “Top Ten Lideres of 2018” in New York City, they also presented him with a sun memorabilia due to not only his name but because he is a guiding positive light to many. We extend our congratulations and praise to Sol - L’ATTITUDE pays off! #TheNewMainstream #TheLatinoFactor #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
”The fact is the majority of Latinos want to be home owners and will make up half of all new home buyers in the next 20 years. They have a central place in the housing market and finance system,” Scott Astrada, director of federal advocacy at the Center for Responsible Lending, said in an interview with @NBCNews. #TheNewMainstream #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
@HispanicExecMag cover star and L’ATTITUDE co-founder #SolTrujillo discusses what it is to establish a path to greatness. Stay tuned for more on what they call #SolPower 💪🏼 We can’t wait to share the exclusive interview by Latino columnist Ruben Naverrette coming out in 2019! #TheLatinoFactor #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
“I am an American. My family has been here since 1520. I am a Latino. My name is Trujillo, and I am proud to be a Trujillo... I’m doing this because I care about my country; I’m doing this for my kids and my grand kids; I’m doing this because I want them to have the same growth opportunity I believe everyone in our country deserves,” said Sol Trujillo at the @unitednations. He proceeded to provide an economic context to understand the growing Latino population. #TheNewMainstream #TheLatinoFactor #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
Have you seen @InstantFamily yet?! This new film focuses on a couple (played by @MarkWahlberg + @fullyRoseByrne ) who adopt three young Latino children (played by @isabelamoner , @gustavoquirozjr + @juliannagamiz ). This comedy brings light to both the love and hardships that adoption comes with, whilst being the perfect example of #TheNewMainstream ✔️#TheLatinoFactor #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
Now that’s purchasing power! 🙌🏼 #TheNewMainstream #TheLatinoFactor #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
"Widen the path of opportunities and continue to leave a powerful and positive legacy in this world." - @LuisFonsi. #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING rp @plantsonpink
Last night, L'ATTITUDE attended the screening of @HBO 's #Icebox . The film deals with the plight of a migrant child caught up in ICE detention and its after-effects. As @Variety stated, Icebox is "emotional satisfying but unsentimentally honest... A compelling point of view." These conversations are crucial to have with the current political controversies surrounding immigration and refugees. Don't forget to tune in tomorrow as it airs! @AnthonyGonzalez_Official , better known for his role as Miguel in Coco, gives a jaw-dropping performance. #TheNewMainstream #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
Los Angeles, California 📍 The home of 4.9 million Hispanics and 9% of the nation’s Hispanic population 🙌🏽 According to the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, the economic impact of Latino households in Los Angeles County was $60.1B in 2015!👏🏽 #TheNewMainstream #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING #TheNewMainstreamEconomy
“In business, I think about who I am as an individual more than anything else. I feel that if I walked into these rooms thinking about how I'm young, female, and Latina, I may subscribe to the idea that I don't belong there, when I know that's not true. I don't like to focus on the fact that the cards may be stacked against me. Instead, I work hard and earn it every step of the way so no one can question why I'm there. And sometimes it takes half the meeting, or multiple meetings, to get the same respect that someone else may get before they even open their mouth. But that's just my reality and I don't let it stop me; instead I use it as motivation because it's going to make me better. I like to focus on how I can be competitive in any situation, whether I'm the underdog or not.” - @Elena Hansen, founder of @SwimSocial. #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING #TheNewMainstream #TheLatinoFactor Photo from @forbes
U.S. Latinos are driving net business formation, and new businesses mean new jobs. And, new jobs means and economic boost. 🙌🏽 #TheNewMainstreamEconomy #TheLatinoFactor #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
Giving back is an important value during the holiday season — @Camila_Cabello ’s recent work perfectly illustrates that! Camila’s work as a Latina-American has transcended not only the music industry, but she was named in Forbes #30Under30 list and as the newest ambassador for @SaveTheChildren. Her work has positively impacted the lives of thousands 👏🏽 Thank you for doing what you do! #TheLatinoFactor #TheNewMainstream #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
California’s Napa Valley is one of the largest wine-growing regions in the world. In #BernardoRuiz ’s newest documentary, #HarvestSeason , Ruiz “brings forward those who are often background characters in other narratives about wine and gives viewers an immersive experience into the compelling, difficult and dramatic process of making some of the world’s most celebrated wines.” He takes an inside look at the Latino-Americans who are at the heart of this billion-dollar business, revealing the continuous hard work, dedication and compassion. #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
And look where she is now! @jlo is a constant reminder to never quit, no matter what obstacles may get in your way. #LatinaAndPROUD #TheNewMainstream #TheLatinoFactor #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING rp @wwd
Over thirteen years ago, @arod told ESPN, "I want to say it out loud: I am Dominican." Throughout his career, that enthusiasm has never wavered. We are so lucky to have A-Rod as a part of the L’ATTITUDE family, as he stands tall for #TheNewMainstream economy, culture and way of life! #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
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