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Give it up for L’ATTITUDE’s two co-founders! 👏🏽 If you had to ask #GaryAcosta and #SolTrujillo anything, what would it be?! #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
And that’s a wrap on the 2018 recap! 👏🏼 Stay tuned to hear what’s coming for 2019… 😀#LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
The opportunity to listen to a Pulitzer Prize winner is a gift itself. When it’s #ThomasFriedman , however, you know you’re going to be in for an eye-opening, inspiring and intellectual treat. We’re still in awe of his remarkable speech that divulged into the future of life in America, from technology to behavioral trends. #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
L’ATTITUDE co-founder Gary Acosta sat down with Leo Pareja (CEO of Remine) and Nick Bailey (CEO of Century21 Real Estate) to discuss where the future of America’s housing industry is going. As Mr. Bailey said,“The Hispanic population is driving homeownership growth. New construction can’t come out of the ground fast enough.” #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
“Young entrepreneurs aren’t aggressive enough. Don’t stop at no, how do we get to yes?” Wise words from L’ATTITUDE panelist @arod ! 🙌🏼#LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
Ted Acosta (Vice Chair of Risk Management at @earnstyoung ), Tom Chavez (CEO & founder of Krux) and John Peyton joined together on the 2018 stage to discuss the trends in America’s economy. Their advice as leaders? Focus on the trend lines, not the headlines. #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
Happy #DayOfTheGirl to all our Latina superstars out there. 💛 May we continue to inspire and empower generations to come! #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
Congrats on all your success, @IAmCardiB ! Cardi is the first female rapper in history with three Hot 100 No. 1 singles. She won the Favorite Rap / Hip Hop artist of 2018 and gave an amazing @amas performance styled fully in gorgeous @dolcegabbana. We wish you the happiest of birthdays, Cardi! 💫 #LatinaAndPROUD #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING @badbunnypr @jbalvin
When @jlo slayed the #AMAs ... ⚡️⚡️ #LatinaAndPROUD #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
It’s time to make your voice heard! 🙌🏼🇺🇸 Registering to vote is a crucial responsibility that the American democracy was founded upon. Use the link in bio to get started on your application now! #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
Let’s talk #FaithInAmerica . Rick Sanchez (TV Personality) kicked off and moderated the conversation with Tim Shriver (Chairman of Special Olympics), Daisy Khan (Founder of WISE) and Father Gregory Boyle (Founder of Homeboy Industries) on how America’s religious values are influencing culture and politics. What are your thoughts on this matter?! #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
Day 4, need we say more? Maybe just encore... Here’s what 4 days L’ATTITUDE looked like. 👏🏼 #DayFour #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
A night to remember. 🔥 Who loved L’ATTITUDE’s #NickyJam concert?! Comment below who you want next year’s live performer to be!👇🏽#LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
Remember when #MasterChef winner @chefclaudiasandoval cooked at the Sabores dinner? We sure do! 🙌🏼 What an incredible night with amazing food and new companions! #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
“There is an example of a very low-power, high-processing device that’s mobile...It’s inside our heads. The industry needs to move towards that.”- Paul Jacobs CEO of XCOM-Tech #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
Head of Innovation at @wellsfargo , Steven Ellis, joined #TheFutureOfEverything session to discuss artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and more. When talking about the potential of technology, Mr. Ellis said, “Good ideas come from everywhere. You have the power in your hands to learn things.” #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
“When you remember where you came from, you can know where you’re going.” - Guillermo Diaz, Jr., Chief Information Officer of @cisco during #TheFutureOfEverything session. #LATTITUDEISEVERYTHING
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