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Take me back to the @provenancehotel VIP tent at @polonoirpdx with @nachofigueras and all of the amazing folks at Provenance!! What better way to spend a Saturday than watching an epic polo match while drinking rosé from @stollerwine and enjoying the most delicious fare by chef @dougiepdx to celebrate the forthcoming launch of @bullardpdx and @woodlark_hotel 🙏🏽❤️
Thoroughly swept away by this beautiful installation at Centennial Mills, “Habitus”, by Anne Hamilton for @converge_45
Huge thanks to the homie @maiden_rock for putting this up in the yard last night for @cervinitup Goodnight world #rip #cervantesmagana #cervantesrocks #familia #porvida #sandiego
Happy 4th y’all!
These are pics from one of the Bramble desert parties that Cervantes DJ’d at, ca. 2008 I’m not much for desert parties but I’d drive hours into the middle of nowhere just to hear him play his music and watch him do his thing. He was the consummate performance artist and the most beautiful heart I’ve ever known. Love you Cervantes! Thanks for the pics @jessehazelip
Tonight, we are taking Cervantes off of life support. His injuries were to grave to sustain any longer. If it moves you to do so, please light a candle for my sweet beautiful brother at 9pm to light his journey to the other side.
My dear, sweet little brother is in ICU in San Diego on life support. On his way home Friday at 3am, he was hit by a teen who ran a red light. I flew to San Diego that day and have been by his side with family since. He has fractures from head to toe, two collapsed lungs, cracked spine and brain hemorrhage. He’s been off sedation for over a day but hasn’t woken up yet. I keep talking to him, telling stories, reading inspirational quotes, hoping he’ll wake up and tell me to go away. Please hold him in the light. I need him
It’s not quite summer yet but it’s definitely river-swimmin’ and ice-cream-eatin’ season! #oregon #summer #roadtrip #singlemom #fuckyeah
Happy Memorial Day y’all
I made a little thing. Well, I didn’t MAKE it, I suppose. But I did arrange it :) #wild #foraging #portland #spring #foriginal
This little love of mine turned 9 today. I’m such a lucky mama!
Hunnies at Honey’s
Up in the air #portland ➡️ #nyc #frieze
This ethereal installation by artist @saree.silverman for @jhinteriordesign #designweekportland is pure magic. Echoing the patterns and movements of flocks of birds or schools of fish, it reminds me of the interconnectedness of all beings, human included
When you try to take a cute photo with your frenz but one of you doesn’t get the memo
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