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✨Good Friday✨
@lex_fitness : Let me take a cute photo of you Me: wait I need to check my boobs 😂😂😂 When I initially looked at the second photo I thought... Aw man I look so tired in this photo... I know I’ll add a nice filter maybe adjust the lighting! But recently I have been inspired by @makeupfairypro and @karinairby ! Yes it is lovely to post pretty photos of myself looking my best but it’s also nice to show my true self! I, honestly, am not the best for posing for photos. I don’t know my “best light” and I don’t have a “good side”. I only started smiling in photos since getting Invisalign! #nofilternoproblem #smilemoreworryless #progressnotperfection #iweigh
Naked Attraction Being confident to sit in your own skin naked is a blessing that some take for granted. My main goal when I got into fitness was to feel confident naked. I was a “never-nude” and felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. As I grew older I lost the sass I had growing up and let insecurities creep in. We see picture perfection on social media which feeds these insecurities. Telling us that fat, cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, grey hair... all the natural aspects of an aging human, are ugly and wrong! Well Fuck That🖕🏼 Yes I work out in the gym and eat a pretty healthy, balanced diet (bar the creme egg I scoffed today 😂) but there are some things I cannot prevent! I am not going to hide behind filters to mask my true self☠️ I am beautiful and so are you! So be confident stupid! #ihopeyougetthesimpsonsreference #arrestedevelopement #nevernude #nakedselfie #beconfidentstupid
Gym selfie 🤳🏼 I made a resolution for 2019 to find myself and my happiness! In doing so I almost completely lost myself. But finally I have found a path which may not be taking me back to previous self but to a new more aware self. Every day I remind myself that my life is my own. I don’t live it for others. This has been my struggle. I found I was going through life trying to make everyone around me happy. I still want bring positivity to others but not at the risk of losing my path. #findyourpath #progressnotperfection #irishfitfam
☠️SAVE FOR FULL UPPER-BODY CIRCUIT☠️ ▪️Tricep Dips 12-15 Reps ▪️Barbell Row 12 Reps ▪️Shoulder Raise with rotation 12 Reps ▪️Plate Bicep Curl 12 Reps Repeat circuit X 4 This circuit is great if you have limited time! #upperbodyworkout #irishfitspo #circuittraining
🐺GOT IS BACK⚔️ For months @lex_fitness has been playing with an idea and last weekend, with help from @black_country_barbell , his vision was realised🙌🏼 The Iron Throne made using over 1.3 tonnes of gym iron!⛓⚒ Check out the video linked in my bio (@laineybopster ) to watch it’s creation! #ironthrone #GOTDIY #IHelpedDismantleIt #motherofdragons #queenoftheironthrone #kaleesi
Gym therapy I go to the gym and always have gone to the gym not for the physical benefits but for how it effects me mentally. It is the one place that my overactive brain finds rest. One thing I have learnt is that, no matter how much we would like to, we can not escape reality and life’s problems. We have to deal with them face on, not ignore them in hopes that they will disappear. Putting on a brave face is one thing but wearing a mask of happiness will eventually drop! In the gym my thoughts become clearer, my focus becomes stronger and my problems become lighter. This is my therapy and nobody can take my future or my happiness from me.💪🏼🖕🏼 #progressnotperfection #themaskofhappiness #irishfitspo
🎊Happy Birthday to me!!🎊 Spent my day the only way I ever want to... wrestling my best friend and life partner @lex_fitness In all honesty Lex and I so rarely get cute couple photos yet we spend 24/7 together! I grabbed an opportunity for @jaydavies_uk to take a cute gym photo of us. Big mistake considering the 3 of us had just been watching Wrestle Mania 🤦🏻‍♀️🤼‍♀️ He knows me inside out and still loves me so I guess I’ll keep him to wrestle me to the grave! #tagteam #deathmatch #happybirthdaytome #swolemate #fitcouple #iaintnosidechick #thirtyflirtyandthriving
Last day of 36! My thirties have taught me... ▪️It is amazing to be independent but it is also ok to let people in. ▪️To love yourself does not come naturally and you have to work on it every day. ▪️Money does not equate to happiness or satisfaction, doing what you are passionate about is a step in the right direction. ▪️Just because you have not been successful does not mean that you have failed. ▪️It’s never too late to fall in love, with your soul mate, a friend or dog! I have done all 3! ▪️There is always room for change, improvement and evolvement. ▪️You cannot control how people feel about you but you can control how you react to those feelings. #birthdayreflection #murves #cakeday #thirtyflirtyandthriving
🔥HAMSTRINGS ON FIRE 🔥 My top 5 hamstring targeting exercises ▪️Good Mornings 4 Sets 12 Reps ▪️Lying Hamstring Curl 4 Sets 12 Reps ▪️Cable Rope Deadlift 4 Sets 12 Reps ▪️TRX Hamstring Curls (These absolutely burnnnnn) 4 Sets as many Reps as Possible ▪️Seated Hamstring Curls 4 Sets 12 Reps #irishfitfam #HamstringWorkout #strengthtraining #legtoningexercise
Last night my amazing friend @danni_ylb managed to surprise me with a birthday meal to remember. She spent months planning it, contacting friends and family. With the help of the hubs @lex_fitness they successfully blew me away!🎊 With a minion and orange theme and surrounded by some of my favorite people I enjoyed delicious food and cocktails and an amazing donut cake from @planet_doughnut ! Thank you @danni_ylb for making me feel so special. My actual birthday is on Wednesday and I will be spending it with the love of my life @lex_fitness the way it is meant to be... eating cake😘❤️ #birthdaysurprise #donutbirthdaycake #iamblessed #37bekindtome
YES I HAVE CELLULITE! I also have elbows, earlobes and pretty good triceps! This is a completely unedited screen-grab from my latest YouTube video (link in my bio @laineybopster ) Why have we been conditioned ourselves to think that parts of our bodies are ugly? Whether it is cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles or saggy skin? None of these things are ugly until you make them! I’m not against trying to improve my body or giving into the latest anti aging treatment. However I think it is one thing to try and look your best and it is quite another to be disgusted by what is completely normal and natural! Can we just stop labeling things as ugly and hating ourselves and get on with life! #Thoughtfulthursday #ihavecellulite #celluliteisnormal #iweigh
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