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This past month has been extremely challenging. I have cried, I have felt helpless and lost , I have binged to the point of feeling sick and I have felt more alone than I ever have. But I have also spoke out about how I have been feeling which I previously did not. I have had so much love and support offered to me by friends, family and you guys! I hate being negative and don’t ever want to alienate my followers who come here looking to be inspired.... but on the flip side being honest about how I am feeling is what is gradually helping me out of my dark place. I still don’t feel myself and I still don’t feel OK but I am blessed to have people who, even though they may not understand, listen to me or simply reach out to me. I have found solace in the gym and aim to overcome my feeling of inadequacy. Just because someone smiles and says they are OK does not mean they are! Thank you @lex_fitness for being there😘 #motivationmonday #mentalhealthrecovery #healthybodyhealthymind #wecangetthroughthis
As we edge closer to Halloween this Pumpkin Spice muffin recipe is quick, easy and makes a light and fluffy muffin that’s great for a quick breakfast on the go or a mid morning snack with a brew. Bring all the flavours of Autumn into your kitchen with this super tasty muffin recipe linked in my bio @laineybopster 🍁🍂 Macros per muffin Fats: 3G, Carbs: 5G, Protein:13G 100 KCALS #pumpkinspicedmuffin #iifym #cookwithlainey #laineyskitchen #healthymuffinrecipe #proteinmuffin
#worldmentalhealthday I have been struggling for awhile now and I like to put out the outward image on social media that I will get through it. But the reality is that for someone with anxiety and depression there does not appear to be happy ending... there in lies the problem! When people say “you ok?” My usual response is “I’m fine just a rough patch” I know I have people who will listen to me but when I’m not even sure what is wrong what do I say? I don’t share the burden I feel because for me it is easier to struggle through it alone... but it’s the “alone” that is the hardest thing! I’m sharing this because someone will read it and know that what they are feeling is not abnormal. I am not OK but that is OK
I am smiling a genuine smile!!😁 Over the past month I have been feeling unmotivated and lack luster towards life generally. I almost cried with frustration in the gym because I felt so weak. Luckily I was surrounded by some supportive friends who pulled me out of my self loathing.🙏🏻Everyone goes through times of high stress and feeling uncomfortable in their own skin and this is one of those periods for me. I relaxed over the weekend... I ate yummy food, drank countless coffees and some sociable drinks! Spending time with fun, lighthearted, kind people has lifted my heart so much! I know it sounds so corny but just being around positive people has made me feel so much better. We move to a new home, in a whole new area in 12 days time and I am so excited for us to have a complete fresh start! I am smiling for living in the present, I am smiling for the future adventures ahead of me and I am smiling for the unknown! #laineygothergrooveback #starbucksislife #thefutureisbright #nowtostopeatinglikeadickhead
🎊Happy Birthday @krissycela 🎊 Living in the UK and working online can be quite isolating but people like Krissy and @lisafiitt have accepted me instantly as a friend! Beyond fitness there is a connection of genuine openness and communication which should never be taken for granted. But your phone down (excuse the irony) and converse with a friend! Listen to them.... I mean don’t just wait to reply to them I mean LISTEN!!! The greatest gift you can give to a person is to listen to their words and care! I love Krissy because should would literally give you her left arm just because “she doesn’t really use it” Appreciate the good people in life! #sundayfunday #ladyinred #gymsharkwomen
Click save for this leg day workout targeting abductors and quads! 🔺Abductor extension using a heavy plate 5 sets 12 reps each side 🔺Hover Abductor machine super set with seated abductor machine 5 sets 12 reps of each 🔺Hack squat 5 sets 12 reps Warning this will make you very sore😂👌🏻💪🏼 Check out my latest YouTube video for the full workout link in my bio @laineybopster #legdaytraining #gymsharktrain #clicksave
For the past few weeks I have not felt healthy, not physically, not mentally! Health for me is not a weight on the scales, it is not a dress size, it is not how many times I go to the gym!🤷🏻‍♀️ For me health is a feeling of well being! It is an energy and an enthusiasm for life! Sometimes I struggle to find this energy!🤦🏻‍♀️ I know a lot of people look to me for motivation but sometimes I cannot even motivate myself! Does this make me a fraud or does it make me human? I get up each day and hope for positivity and that my energy and my smile will return! #itsoknottobeok #positiveenergy #butistillhaveabs
🍁🍂Feeling very Autumnal today!🍂🍁 Ventured out to lunch today to one of our favourite spots in the Ribble Valley @styddgardens Making the most of our time up North by visiting all of top spots! Check out my latest YouTube to see why!! Link in my bio @laineybopster #autumnfashion #jumperseason #orangeismyfavoritecolor
New day, new week, new month! This is the perfect opportunity to set yourself new goals! Forget what happened last week it’s time to move forward! Setting yourself small achievable goals day to day and week to week is the stepping stone to success. #motivationmondays #gymshark #progressnotperfection
Sunday vibez This weekend we successfully Binged and are now working our way through @killingeve. I love a good drama series! Let me know what we should watch next because I have a feeling we will finish Killing Eve tonight 🤷🏻‍♀️ #seriesbinge #killingeve #bodygaurd #bbcdrama
#foodiefriday There is a nip in the air and it’s officially hoodie season... perfect time to share one of my favourite comfiest food recipes “Cottage Pie” I have simplified this recipe and made it so basic that anyone could make it and everyone can enjoy it. Full recipe is over on the @Gymshark blog Link to Cook with Lainey is in my bio @laineybopster Macros per serving C|F|P 20|8|30 280kcal Can be adapted for a vegetarian diet! #cottagepie #cottagepierecipe #cookwithLainey #laineyskitchen #iifym #familyrecipe
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