Editing Audios!

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I love max idk why this came to mind - @katw.edits
Without an intro, just two loops - @katw.edits
This could be a collab/ a regular edit just with four or two loops:) - @katw.edits
if it does that weird cropped thingy i’m..... annick // @ktaejins
old audio | hayley @starrygrimes
old audio | hayley @starrygrimes
old audio | hayley @starrygrimes
Audio inspired by @yaboicomics If ya wanna peep the edit you can go to @showmetheeditz k thx. I’ll post this on sc later
drake -nice for what. hope you enjoy -[lauren/@chevymisha ]
I’ve loved this song since ‘04 #kuteaudiosship - mads @blisstyr 🍬
metro station- shake it. can add voiceover, not looped but may be possible. -[lauren/@chevymisha ]
Go support my first edit on my new page:)! - @katw.edits There’s an optional loop where the text turns yellow:)
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