Krazy Glue

Krazy Strong. Krazy Fast. Krazy Glue is THE instant adhesive, keeping your life together. | Man vs. Glue | 12/5 | check out the event page below!

In #ManVsGlue the winner was CLEAR. See what happened when we challenged @thorbjornsson
Man vs. Glue... the ultimate test of strength and believe us, its going to get krazy. Want to know who will win? Make sure to tune in to Facebook live TODAY at 6:45PM EST! You won't want to miss it. #ManVsGlue
Don't get cold feet now @thorbjornsson. Make sure to check out the event link in our bio and FB live on 12/5. #ManVsGlue
Don't worry @thorbjornsson that's nothing a drop of Krazy Glue can't fix! Want to attend this awesome event? Make sure to check out the FB event link in our bio or tune in to FB live on 12/5! #ManVsGlue
The Krazy Glue Fun House is back for the @Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade! Can you guess who is going to be performing on Krazy Glue’s float this year? #macysparade #krazyglue #funhouse #float
In the battle of #ManVsGlue , there is only one CLEAR winner. What kinds of krazy things should @thorbjornsson - The Mountain lift to prove his strength? Watch Live on Facebook 12/5.
Keep Kalm. Glue On.
Hit the nail on the head the first time - use Krazy Glue and you'll never miss. Tag a friend who needs to put the hammer down and use some super glue instead.
Family Heirlooms? ✔ We've got you covered. 👍
Life's little hang-ups can come at you fast. Thankfully, our glue dries faster! 🤓
Need to fix something? Here's a tip - come prepared. Six different applicator tips, for every Krazy problem you need to solve. 🛠️