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AVAILABLE TOMORROW—Get ready to feast on super-fresh sashimi shades. Everything here has been prepared using only the best ingredients from around the world. Behind every pair are hours of careful preparation, using skills and techniques acquired over the years. — Quantities will be limited and reservations are not available. Click the link in our bio to make sure you're in line and ready to be seated tomorrow (1/23) promptly at 10am PST. #knockaround #limitededition #sashimi #sunglasses #comingsoon
There’s no such thing as too many Knocks. The real question is what pair do you need next? SCREENSHOT TO REVEAL the style that you need to add to cart STAT. As for the colorway, that one’s on you. We can’t make all your decisions for you 😎 Tell us what you got in the comments below!
This is your daily reminder to look at the bright side, inspired by @soundsgoodalready 's bright yellow tee, chill vibes and vibrant style. Thanks for always keeping it real, #knockfans !
It wasn't a matter of deciding who should be this week's winner. That part was easy. It was a matter of deciding which of @kristamoose 's photos we would share to announce her as our winner. The verdict: we couldn't pick just one because they're both epicly awesome, so we're sharing both! Congrats to our #KnockFan of the week, @kristamoose !  _ For a chance to win a free pair, post a photo of your favorite Knockarounds and include the hashtag #KnockFan . We pick a new winner every week and it could be you next time!
Go big or go monochrome. Or find a pair of sunglasses that'll let you do these grey monochrome Fort Knocks that promise to be a big hit wherever your face takes 'em.
New Poolside Mai Tais available now. Hurry! We only have 75 of these and they will be gone before you know it! Click the link in our bio to pick up a pair or two.⠀ —⠀ The holiday season's behind us, things are back to normal, nights are long, days are cold, the new year's brought on all these expectations, and worst of all, summer's on the opposite side of the calendar. The January Blues? Yea, we heard of them.⠀ —⠀ Here's what you do: hop a flight to Vegas, book a room in some bougie hotel, throw on your flip flops, grab a towel, head to the bar, get some drinks, and go lay out... Poolside at the Bellagi–"Oh Dang, These Are Strong Mai Tais"⠀ #knockaround #maitaiknocks #sunglasses
It's Monday so here's a photo of tropical fruit wearing sunglasses to distract you from the fact that by the time you're done reading this caption, it will still be Monday.
Friendly reminder: even if your internal clock still wakes you early, you don't actually have to get up right away and start doing all the things. Go ahead, stay in bed and be a little lazy this Saturday. You deserve it. Tag a friend who loves a lazy weekend.
We're all about doing whatever floats your boat (er--raft!), and it looks like @seeingblonde is on the same page as us--with a cold one in hand to prove it. This level of chill can only be achieved by a true #KnockFan so congratulations to @seeingblonde because you're this week's Knock Fan Friday winner. We'll cheers to that! _ Want to win a free pair? Post a photo with your favorite Knockaround shades and include the hashtag #KnockFan for a chance to win. We pick a new fan every Friday, so keep 'em coming!
Finally, a pair of sunglasses that will really rock your world.
Mondays can be ruff, but we're paws-itive that wearing Knockarounds makes 'em better. PC: @carunner4coffee
Do you know what else is easy like Sunday morning? Designing a CUSTOM pair of Knockarounds in our CUSTOM Shop. From the comfort of your own couch, you can design an epic pair of shades (like these Tropical Lilac Fort Knox seen here) and we'll build them for you. The secret to stylin' sunglasses is that easy. What are you waiting for?
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