💘🌈 tati 🌈💘

💕✨tx♡she/they♡🔜 a-kon✨💕 🤡💌somewhat okay cosplayer💌🤡 💒‼️ plz be my friend ‼️💒

ive been thinkgen about...persona lately ✨👾👽 these r mega old i rlly wanna redo futaba....ALSO WANNA COS FRM ANOTHER DAMN PERSONA GAME BESIDES 5 ‼️
best broz 🌈💖 (komaeda cosplay made by @cydoniacos ‼️) 📸: @cydoniacos
🦀✂️💕✨” did u kno everytime u let out a sigh, a lil bit of happiness escapes ? “ ✨💕🦀✂️
“you mean the chaos emeralds?” komaeda chuckled ✨🍀 (tysm @cydoniacos for the cos 🖤)
whoopsie! im bad at instagram 🤠
brunos b like....gang noise ✨
how i feel rn....💤🍃💕
represent shinjuku 👔❣️
happy part 5 day!! ✨🧡 (a day late lol)’z only tuesday idk how im gonna make it thru the week...🥀❣️
oh you kno. justice n stuff. ⛓♥️ 📸: @cexirstudios
i want 2 change the world...❣️🌳 the inuyasha op will always be a bop u Cannot change my mind 📸: @cexirstudios
that really battled my tendencies
i really snapped when i cosplayed toga i looked so cute 💕💉
best p5 girl 🌹❣️ 📸: @zhuntsai
hi here’s my absolute bullshit of a julian contest i need to fix his wig eventually
i rlly love how our inuyasha photos look (‐^▽^‐) 📸: @cexirstudios
"hi im toga! im a good for nothing!"💘 thx @sugarcubecos for this pic !!
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