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To shoot a great film, you’ll need a great assistant. And no, we’re not talking about an all-star intern. The team behind this automated, motorized four-axis tripod head wants to help you save time shooting interviews, time-lapses, and B-roll—and get it right on the first take. Back this project at the link in our bio. 🎥
Candles, but without the wasteful drip! This Dutch-designed candlestick will make time stand still—or at least make it so that every bit of your candle gets used. Back the project looking to elegantly brighten up your day (and night) at the link in our bio. 🕯
What if children’s books taught important values like racial justice and disability pride? This isn’t the first time the writers and educators behind Flamingo Rampant have asked themselves this question. Their second project aims to continue the work of their micropress, which produces feminist, racially diverse, LGBT2Q+ children’s books that provide kids with better, more inclusive representation. Back this project at the link in our bio, and you just might make the world a better place. 📚
Imagine a magazine, literary journal, and art book, but for comics. Curated by @idwpublishing , Full Bleed Volume 3 will merge this vital form of visual storytelling with fiction, nonfiction, think pieces, and more for a 360-degree look at comics culture today—including interviews with @metallica ’s @kirkhammett and @anthrax ’s @scottianthrax about their shared history and love of all things horror and genre. Learn more about the latest edition of this comics and culture quarterly—and back the project at the link in our bio. 🤘
Don’t scrape your leftovers into the trash—put them in here instead. You’ll learn about engineering more sustainable food systems as insects create fertilizer out of your food scraps. Support this portable, smart insect farm by @livinfarms at the link in our bio. 🐛
Renting studio space for your next creative project doesn’t have to burn a massive hole in your pocket. And it definitely shouldn’t stop you from bringing your ideas to life—at least, not according to @holyrad_studio founder @daryloh_ , whose Brooklyn-based creative agency and production space aims to provide freelancers with affordable access to space, equipment, and resources. Back the project at the link in our bio.
Kai Brach believes we should spend less time doing and more time reflecting. For the last 7 years, he has edited, designed, and published 20 issues of @offscreenmag , which has helped him zero in on the true meaning of productivity. Read more about Brach’s perspective— and some live projects he’s excited about—at
Let’s face it: your phone probably isn’t the best way to read that H.G. Wells story your coworker recommended. Thankfully, the minds behind @MouseBookClub know this very well. After successfully funding their first collection of “literature for a mobile lifestyle,” they’re back for seconds—this time with an entirely new list to feed your literary soul. (Sorry, Kindle.) Get your readers ready and back the project at the link in our bio. 👓📚
Written and illustrated by Indigenous authors and artists, Moonshot Volume 3 will feature 15 stories that build on the concept of Indigenous Futurisms—a term coined by Anishinaabe scholar Grace L. Dillon, PhD, which tells of the past, present, and future as being a nonlinear reality. Discover a whole new world of indigenous storytelling and back the project at the link in our bio. 📖
From Ghanaian street food to sold-out Senegalese pop-ups, this photo book celebrates the rich and varied West African food culture in the United Kingdom, and the people who have dedicated their lives to it. Learn more about this beautiful coffee table book and back the project at the link in our bio.
Meet @onda_mx , a mobile application that doubles as a guide to and living archive of art in Mexico City. It’ll feature a directory of galleries, independent spaces, and cultural institutions, as well as a calendar and map of current exhibitions and events, all with the aim of helping you discover Mexico City's vibrant art scene—from which this piece by Francisco Muñoz titled "Vive y trabaja en la Ciudad de México" (1986) sprouted. Back the project at the link in our bio. 🎨
Cue the collective “mhm” and finger-snapping 😏 "Just accept that you’re going to have bad days, and bad weeks with a project, and that that’s totally normal,” adds @marinaktz , a filmmaker and editor of the @miamatangi ’s documentary, in an interview with @thecreativeindependent. We—and probably everyone who works in film production—couldn’t agree more. For more musings on the skills involved in film editing, what documentaries can tell us about being human, and why it’s OK to embody more than one creative identity, read the full interview at
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