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Today’s last certification of 2018 was nothing short of AMAZING! To the rookies, the girls going into their 2nd year, and 3rd year, I’m so pumped for 2019. You all are some of the most inspiring women I know and lucky to have so many of you back for another year! DANG I LOVE THE FEMPIRE ❌⭕️ 🤜🏽🖤🤛🏽 #kickitbyeliza #fempire @rachelg_photography #newbalance
When you’re giddy AF because you get to treat the Kick It Crew and it has to do with @jlo 😅😄🤩. . . This upcoming Tuesday, we are treating all Kick It Crew members who sign up for class at The Kick It Studio to screening passes to @jlo ’s new movie, Second Act, and a bunch of goodies. This is not a drill!! Hit link in bio, spaces are super limited! I’ll be here giddy AF until then! 🤜🏽🎞🤛🏽 #jlo #secondact #kickitbyeliza #fempire
When Kick It and @steveaoki are in the same article 🤓😍😚💃🏼. . . But seriously, it’s been so awesome to be in such good company on the @neoufitness app and thank you, Boston Magazine, for covering it!! Have you guys tried the free Kick It classes on here yet? Yes. Free. FAH-REE. Comment below what you want to see more of! Filming again in January!!🤜🏽💻 🤛🏽 #kickitondemand #neou #kickitbyeliza #kickitcrew #femoure #fitnessapp #bostonmagazine
HEY NYC, it’s time for another Kick It Certification at @everybodyfights in midtown!! And spots are already filling up for Jan 19 2019 🤜🏽💓🤛🏽. . . My favorite part about doing our certifications at EBF NYC is that it really feels like home. The instructors-in-training get the same level of attention from me and an EBF trainer/boxer as they would in Boston. Re-creating this experience with the best team in another city is MAGIC. Tag a friend who should be there! ✌🏽#kickitbyeliza #everybodyfights #kickitcrew #fempire #newbalance #nyc
Idk if I accidentally farted or something, but they apparently think I’m funny 😂 Seriously though, the greatest gift 🎁 this season is the pure happiness the instructor family brings me and all the women a part of it. Thank you for laughing with me...or at me... or whatever. Thank you for lifting each other up, ALWAYS ♥️ #kickitbyeliza #kickitinstructors #fempire #happyholidays .
My ❤️ is bursting at the seams!! Thank you so much for the support on Kick It launching on @neoufitness. So grateful to be celebrating at our holiday party with the BEST tonight 🤜🏽🎄🤛🏽 #happyholidays #kickitbyeliza #kickitcrew #neou #viaseaportresidences #fempire
On the second night of Hanukkah my true love gave to meeee‼️🎥... . . Kick It Crew, I am SO excited to announce Kick It is now on the @neoufitness app AND IT IS FREE until January!! People have asked for years and it’s finally here!! Thank you to @neoufitness for making this happen. Dream come true. Hit the link the bio, please tag your friends, and happy kickin from the Kick It Crew to wherever you are!! 🤜🏽📺🤛🏽 #kickitbyeliza #neou #kickitcrew #fempire #ondemand #ondemandfitness #fitness
FLASHBACK FRIDAY, but literally seems like yesterday!! This year has been so strong because of this kick ass community. Nothing like the Fempire. I’m SO GRATEFUL to stand alongside you. Also... can we all go back to @thegrandboston soon? 🤜🏽💄🤛🏽 #strongertogether #kickitcrew #fempire #kickitbyeliza #family #girlsnightout
Loss and grief 🌟🖤🌟. . . Dang, you know what’s wild? Kick It is the HAPPIEST and most LOVING community...It’s also powered by women who found each other out of the need of connection and community because we were (or are) going through loss/grief. Many of the instructors have found themselves and reinvented themselves within this community. I sure have, that’s for DAMN sure. Thank you to this instructor family, Kick It Crew, and the entire Fempire for being a light in peoples lives 🤜🏽🌟🤛🏽 #kickitbyeliza #fempire #support #community #kickitinstructors
Hey, you! You’ve got mail!! We are offering our most popular class pack for The Kick It Studio AND 20% off the Kick It Closet (yes these sweatshirts are still in stock). @emilyrcrocker ’s ring not for sale. Link in bio 🤜🏽💌🤛🏽 #kickitbyeliza #cybermonday #fempire #kickitcloset #newbalance .
Flash back Friday: Kick It holiday party! Our third annual is right around the corner and link is in bio. Think food, drink, Kick It Closet, LIVE music. You get the point! 🌟 cannot wait to for the most fun night with our Kick It and @viaseaportresidences fam 🤜🏽🎄🕎🤛🏽 #holidayparty #kickitbyeliza #fempire #kickitcrew
Today will pretty much look the same and I’m so SO grateful for that. Happy thanksgiving to you all out there, I hope you are all filled with food and love. Sending virtual hugs to the Kick It Crew. Beyond thankful for you! ♥️ #shirazicatering #momfeedme #thankful
Just really really motha kickin grateful for what’s to come....mostly my mamas thanksgiving feast tomorrow, but also this 😋 my heart be still!! 🤜🏽♥️🤛🏽 #grateful #kickitbyeliza #fempire #neou #ondemand #fitness
Caption this: what do you think this bartender is thinking? 😂 shout out to this Fempire and these Kick It instructors who threw down an amazing class at @greatergoodimperials today. Cheers to YOU and your cute asses 🤜🏽🍻🤛🏽 #kickitbyeliza #kickitcrew #fempire #brewery #kickitandsipit
SCENES FROM LAST NIGHT: carb loading for classes today. Thrilled to be back at @gurneysnewport , just recovering from my @scarpettarestaurants food coma 😏That lobster pasta situation was amazing. It’s always amazing here. Thank you, Gurneys! 🤜🏽🍝🤛🏽 #gonetogurneys #kickitbyeliza #fempire #kickitcrew #scarpetta #newport
Same, same, but (obviously) different 😏 And that’s the friggen beauty of it, am I right?! Thank you to this Fempire®️ for filming for HOURS with me today. So grateful, so tired, so sweaty. Kick It Crew, thank you for your love and patience. We are coming to a screen near you soon. Can’t f*ckin wait 🤜🏽😈🤛🏽 #kickitbyeliza #fempire #neou #kickitondemand #comingsoon
Mentally preparing to be back on stage, mic’d up, and kickin around for hours and hours in all these lights. Tomorrow, we are one step closer to announcing how you can get Kick It everywhere. FAM, I’M EXCITED!!!!!! 🤜🏽🔮🤛🏽 #kickitbyeliza #fempire #nyc #kickitcrew
“I wanted to get involved and meet new people” 🤜🏽🖤🤛🏽. . . Connection. We all want it and we all need it. This is the biggest reason why people get certified!! It’s not about being “fit”, it genuinely is about the friendships made. To these ladies, thank you for being a part of this journey and finding yourselves within the Kick It Crew. Instructors-to-be, we cannot wait to welcome you!! Learn more about our December 15 Boston cert. link in bio 😘 #kickitbyeliza #fempire #kickitinstructors
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