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Created by Eliza Shirazi 🤜🏿🤜🏽🤜🏼💞🤛🏼🤛🏾🤛🏿Fempire®️ ▪️Kick It Cert 4/27 BOS ▪️Kick It Studio ▫️@viaseaportresidences ▪️Kick It On-Demand @neoufitness

🤜🏽🤜🏾🤜🏿KINDNESS IS A POWER🤛🏿🤛🏾🤛🏽. . . Your kindness is felt over here, Kick It Crew. Thank you, again, for following along on this journey, and if you are new, I’m so glad you made it. As we start to reach more people, maybe not local to The Kick It Studio or near a Kick It instructor, I want to remind you that you can still Kick It with us on-demand! @neoufitness is offering first week free and $7.99/month. JUST SAYIN, KICK IT CREW 💞 hope to see you in-person or digitally soon💫 link in bio . . #kickitbyeloza #neou #fempire #ondemand #fitness
Spring is coming aka must learn how to wear the Fempire/Kick It two-way crop EVERY 👏🏽 WAY 👏🏽POSSIBLE 👏🏽 😋 we just selected winners for our giveaway of this top we did, but fam, YES, these are online for purchase. Link in bio and see you tomorrow, spring! 💐 . . . #kickitcloset #fempire #kickitbyeliza #kickitcrew
Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create. — @oprah , duh. . . Thank you for stepping into something new with me, Kick It Crew. The @popsugarfitness release has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. With over 250k views in 24 hrs, my heart is bursting for the Fempire®️ and all of the new women who are a part of it. Thank you for watching it, liking it, sharing it, and kickin it 🤜🏿🤜🏾🤜🏽🌟🤛🏽🤛🏾🤛🏿 . . #popsugarfitness #kickitbyeliza #fempire #classfitsugar
Kick It x @popsugarfitness Is out and we’ve got a GIVEAWAY to say thank you for the love so far!! 💞🌟. . . Few weeks ago I flew to LA to Kick It with @emilyrcrocker in her new beachy digs, meet my cousins over at @vimmia_active for a fun project, and film with @popsugar 😱 It was an exciting whirlwind and has taken so much hard work. All you Fempire®️ hustlers out there know how hard it is to stop and ENJOY THE MOMENT, but I truly did many times that week. And this wouldn’t happen with out YOU, so to say *thank you* we are giving a way a Fempire®️ top, like the one seen here, to two lucky ladies! Follow @kickitbyeliza @popsugarfitness , like the post, and tag a friend who you want to win with! 🤜🏽🤜🏾🤜🏿❤️🤛🏿🤛🏾🤛🏽. . #classfitsugar #popsugar #kickitbyeliza #fempire #kickitcrew #popsugarfitness
”okay, ladies, now just smile and act natural” on the inside: ”kk!!!!!!!!“ 😂☀️ Good morning, Kick It Crew, things are about to be poppin 🌟 tomorrow and we cannot wait to share this content with you AND the Fempire®️ with more of the 🌎 Please follow along as we reveal this fun and dream come true project tomorrow!. . . #kickitbyeliza #fempire #popsugarfitness #losangeles #kickitcrew #playinitcool
Happy Fempire®️ Friday and a thank you to the Kick It Crew that has been watching Kick It on-demand via @neoufitness 🖤This has been a real dream come true and my heart skips a beat at all the videos and pictures I get of this crew kickin it all around the 🌎!! I’m back in NYC at the end of the month to film more content for you so drop a note below on what you want to see. . . . Also, NEOU is now offering a discounted $7.99 / month subscription. Get it while it’s 🔥— link in bio. Can’t wait to Kick It with you all soon!. . . #neou #fempire #kickitbyeliza
#tbt damn, so many amazing Kick It memories at @everybodyfights , I feel like I’ve grown up in this gym...and that’s why I’m SO EXCITED for our Boston April 27th certification to be held here for the first time ever 🌟Fempire®️ fam, this day is filled with master classes, boxing training, personal development, and community building. It’s hard to put into words, really, so if you want to watch more, hit the link in bio or DM us. We talk to everyone before the cert! Oh and...5 spots left!! 🥊 . . . #kickitbyeliza #everybodyfights #kickitinstructor #fempire #kickitcrew
How do YOU define the Fempire®️?? Kick It Crew, comment below the ladies in your life and why they are Kick ass friends. Here’s to celebrating one another and fighting for equality today and every day. Happy International Women’s Day !!🤜🏼🤜🏽🤜🏾🤜🏿🖤🤛🏿🤛🏾🤛🏽🤛🏼. . #kickitbyeliza #internationalwomensday #fempire #kickitcrew
#tbt 😋... . . . the greatest of ALL TIME. The ultimate inspo, Kick ass woman, Fempire vibin @sarahjessicaparker 🖤 Can’t wait to post and celebrate all of the powerful ladies out there tomorrow for #internationalwomensday !!!
SO EXCITED to announce that Round 12: Kick It Core is officially on our schedule at the Kick It Studio at @viaseaportresidences every week🖤 We have gotten amazing feedback on our core videos up on @neoufitness that we are bringing them LIVE. What you can expect: 13 rounds of Kick It with a mega emphasis on the core, like we do in round 12 of every class. This will be done through different body weight and weighted 😱sequences. Link in bio to sign up with our girl @brittneyzecha 🤜🏽💥🤛🏽 . . . #neou #kickitbyeliza #fempire #fitness #ondemand #round12 #core
Both soft + fierce can coexist and still be powerful 🤜🏽💥💞 . . . Just a reminder that you can, in fact, be both. When I started teaching Kick It in Boston, people would call me “bubbly” or the Kick It instructors “peppy”, which made me think people didn’t take us seriously. Or they would air quote the Fempire®️, sigh. It REALLY bothered me because of course we are energetic, but behind that energy we deliver comes a lot of work, dedication, passion, and POWER. We are changing lives by being soft + fierce. Here’s to all of you hustling to do the same 🖤. . Thank you for this shot @blanchpower #kickitbyeliza #fempire #kickitcrew #softandfierce
Mood on this motha kickin weekend!! 💥I’ve gotten the nicest DM’s over the past few days from people who have been taking classes with our instructors. It’s the greatest gift to be a part of their journeys and watch them KILL (and kick) IT 🖤 We only have 5 spots left for our April 27th Boston cert and so excited to watch this Fempire®️ continue to grow. Click the link in bio or DM to be a part of it! 🤜🏽🤛🏽. . #kickitbyeliza #kickitcrew #fempire #kickitinstructors
💘GIVEAWAY💘 happy Fempire®️ Friday and National Work Out Buddy Day!! If there’s one thing you should know about Kick It is that it’s all about community. There is something so powerful about standing across from a Kick ass lady during class, cheering each other on, and having fun while sweating🌟Want to come to class this March with a friend at our Kick It Studio located in @viaseaportresidences for free? Make sure to follow, like this picture, and tag your fave work out buddy! Winner picked on Monday! 👯‍♀️. . . #kickitbyeliza #fempire #nationalworkoutbuddyday #womenshealthmagazine photo by A. Forgarty Photography
This is my best friend. We dance together, eat late night 7/11 together, watch old dance competition videos together, and get ready to @missymisdemeanorelliott together. To celebrate the Fempire®️ and all the friendships out there, we are doing a fun giveaway right here on Instagram this Friday, which is National Workout Buddy Day! Stay tuned....and for now, comment below if this is how you and your girls get ready... 😍👯‍♀️. . #kickitbyeliza #fempire #kickitcrew #workoutbuddy #humpday #mood
And the Oscar goes to....the dude I’m smiling at behind the camera ☺️Seriously, this trip to California was one for milestone moments (@popsugar ) and amazing time with friends, family, and my 💛. Really appreciating these sunny moments and the Kick It Crew who makes them come alive. Happy ☀️day!. . . #kickitbyeliza #fempire #family #popsugar #oscars #popsugar
Armpits smell good ✔️ curls are bouncin & behavin ✔️ and F*CK I love the desert!! 🌴Happy Saturday, Kick It Crew! Enjoying some r&r, but excited to be back on the east coast soon for some classes and events this week! ☀️ . . . #kickitbyeliza #fempire #california #coachella #armpits
Friday feels: high kicks, hair flips, and lots of smiles. Cannot wait for you all to see this @popsugar video we filmed with @popsugarfitness yesterday!! Now it’s off to Palm Desert ...🌴 😎 #kickitbyeliza #popsugar #popsugarfitness #losangeles #palmdesert #fempire #kickitcrew
@emilyrcrocker and I used to Kick It in a gym at @umass and now we get to Kick It together on @popsugar WHAT A DREAM!! 💞Thank you this team for having us, can’t wait for you all to Kick It with us on @popsugarfitness. @annarenderer wicked fun for us Boston girls to unite ☺️. . . #popsugar #popsugarfitness #kickitbyeliza #kickitcrew #fempire #pinchme
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