Kelsea Ballerini


So glad I got to give this little love song a life on the deluxe album. ❤️
what a way to end the year. @thechainsmokers
I sleep now. 💕👋🏼
My band brothers. grateful to share an epic year of memories with these guys. ❤️✨
end of the year moods. 📸 @_blythethomas
This woman unapologetically moved to Nashville 10 years ago for me to make music and give it a fair shot. I got to call her this morning and tell her about my second Grammy nomination. There’s no volume, but her face says everything about this journey and the weight this album has to the people that know me closest. Love you momma. 😭❤️
In tears over this. I put every bit of vulnerability, truth, strength, self discovery, and love I had into this record. I’ll never forget when it hit me to make it a chronological story of the journey I had been on the few years prior, and losing sleep over the details and nuances of how to make it flow and feel like I had felt while living out and writing it. It’s been out for over a year, and it’s never been nominated, but the bond it gave you and I was something I hadn’t felt before. To me, that was the award and I had accepted that critically, it didn’t land like it did between us. But, the pinnacle of music lovers and listeners just nominated Unapologetically for a damn GRAMMY. Beaming with gratitude and pride on this. Never ever expected this. I love y’all. What a year. Thank you. To y’all, to everyone who helped me make it, and to the @recordingacademy.
my sweet furbaby needs all of your love sent his way. he’s fighting a serious infection and so far is doing okay, but it’s a monster. Send him your positivity and prayers. ❤️
jingle ball w/ the sang This Feeling SO LOUD. ❤️💀
one year down & a billion to go. love you more every day @morganevansmusic.
got to hang with the cool kids and the angels tonight... #vsfashionshow @victoriassecret
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