19 MPharm💊UEA🏫↔️LDN🏠 All Glory goes to the Most High🙏🏾 #BLM ✊🏾 쎈언니🙅🏾‍♀️ Love myself, Love yourself💗 multi fandom trash @__kelisuals__ 👀👀👀

A sweet one🍫🍬
Clear skin: In Progress✨
KB, do you love me? ✨💖 • • • • Finally discovered the wonders of portrait mode & thanks to @koshesaifundira & @pamela_pamzie for the DIY tripod idea😄👌🏾
내 왕😍
Fitting room sessions ~ the fupa isn’t going anywhere so🤷🏾‍♀️ • • • Don’t ask why I used flash, I don’t know either😂
🎞~ Unreleased footage #1 ~🎞
I can be a baddie sometimes✨’s just rare😅 • • I wish I took more pictures tbh (That’s @afrodahlia in the background😂)
I may not look like it but I was definitely a happy girl after finally getting to see @mreazi and @wizkidayo 😊 at @afrorepublik (kudos if you got the Mr Eazi reference) • • • @not3sofficial in person😍 Honourable mentions: @tiwasavage ❤️ @maleekberry @eugyofficial @yxngbane @teknoofficial #afrorepublik #starboy #lifeiseazi #afrobeats #afroswing #afrobashment #shakushaku #issagoal #wizkid #afrobeatstotheworld #soco
GoGlobal pt.2 🌍 @ueaacs • • At this point it’s a throwback😅
More photography for fun by yours truly📸
GoGlobal pt. 1 🌏🇰🇷
Remember the faces, remember the name. Big things to come from UEA ACS in the near future 👌🏾👑 @ueaacs #KingsandQueensBall #PuttingUEAOnTheMap
I only chill with royalty👑✨ 🇨🇲🇳🇬🇬🇭 #KingsandQueensBall
New wig, new me✨👑#KingsandQueensBall • • • 📸: @dabiraxo Thank you for those who believed in me and motivated me to run for committee(@afrodahlia 👀), let alone dance rep. Look out for things to come
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