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From beginning to end / 365 days of the year / i want the same ole love ❤️
Cara for @diorskincare
Kaia for @yslbeauty
Hey Irina nice to meet ya New work for Marc Jacobs beauty and Sephora
Irina for Marc Jacobs Beauty and Sephora
Damn. Love you James. You taught me so much about music, about how to be yourself, how you could be sarcastic/dry/funny and give people shit while being the biggest softest sweetheart at the same time. Will cherish all the nights we spent djing together, the time Amanda Demme insisted we both wear collared shirts to work at Teddy’s and then gave us a hard time about not tucking in those shirts. I instantly did it worried I would piss her off/lose the gig, you shrugged the whole thing off and couldn’t be bothered. You always did things your own way but with a cool nonchalance that I always admired and enjoyed. You were endlessly supportive and generous as a friend. I remember being kind of nervous to first meet you because I didn’t share the same history as you and @jonnyinstahams @iammarkronson @ocularge but from the jump you made me feel like I was a part of that brotherhood and I thank you for that. Gonna miss you so much James. Thanks so much for sending me this photo today @theforkdork #ripblujemz
Still life work for @puma and @alasdairmclellan
Babies making babies #mid2000s
Sneak peek of @lilamoss as the new face of @marcbeauty
@yslbeauty got to have Kaia now
Kaia for @yslbeauty
manoa valley
puglia pathways #film
Paris #35mm
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