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Can’t wait to be back on the track again chasing moments like that! 🙌🏾 It’s been some intense office days lately - and there are still more ahead. beyond excited to share with all of you what we’ve been working on during last months! so i am browsing through some older shots craving for new travels & adventures for now 😜💦
so proud of my little nugget @debiflue 🖤 started out travelling together and sharing our experiences here on instagram a few years ago - until today it has become so much more... thanks to you guys 🙏🏽 you might have realized that I was a little inactive during the last weeks and months. That’s because we have been working on some special projects we are so excited about finally sharing them with you guys. Today my girl @debiflue announced the launch of her very own jewelery brand @wanderbyd - created from the scratch. and besides new adventures and travels there is evenmore to come 🙌🏾
anzeige Hey guys, I teamed up with @mapify to raise awareness for a topic which is pretty important to me: preserving the nature of our planet. 🌍 moments like these are the most special ones. just exploring & discovering - ending up in abandoned places like this bay: having it all to ourselves, not overcrowded by tourists leaving their trash at the beach without even thinking about it. 💦 Treat nature as it treats us - and what I‘ve learned during all my travels is that it’s treating us more than just good! 🙌🏾 - btw: from today on I‘ll share spots and like these including location and other information on my @mapify account 🤙🏾
found a nice place for dinner with a view 🙌🏾 definitely one of the coolest spots @debiflue and I ever had dinner at 😁👌🏾 I always hoped to cruise around in one of these old vintage babies @siestacampers 🚎 windows down and straight into sunset! and i couldn’t think of a better place to do so than the algarve 🙌🏾
who’s down for a beachday? 🏝 💦 it’s been the third time for me visiting that amazing piece of our planet already - but the first time I brought a drone 🚁 it’s crazy what beauty can be revealed by changing your perspective sometimes #algarve #portugal #bay
on the road again 🤙🏾 @debiflue & spent the past week in portugal exploring the massive algarve coast and its cliffs - shots coming over the next days 🌴🙌🏾
whenever you wanna visit a greek island again - count me in! 😜 🇬🇷 sunsets are tooo lit over there to not take a trip 🔥 🙌🏾
It’s only been 4 months since we last visited this that amazing island 🇬🇷 to be honest, I could travel there once a month 😜 just look at that insane greek architecture. had another amazing stay with @iwishmykonos 🇬🇷
ready for some summer vibes with @debiflue ? 💦 btw: don’t miss out our PRESETS SUMMER SALE 💥 get 20% off of all our packs & bundles only this weekend! check out @presetsbydebifluekeeevsch or the link in my bio for more 🔝 . music: @galimatias
another one with cali vibes 🇺🇸 this time from one of the most special accommodations I have ever stayed in 🙌🏾 @joshuatreeacres
LA sunsets 🇺🇸 that day tho! captured by @oscarminyo swipe to see the incredible video he took that day 🙌🏾
for sure one of the best hikes to take in that epic city 🙌🏾 #wisdomtree #onceuponatimethatflagwasbigger 🇺🇸 shot on an iPhone X - edited in lightroom mobile with my custom created @presetsbydebifluekeeevsch 🤙🏾
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