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Missing the good weather, and the good old days.
How come I didnt realize it is so beautiful when I was there?! 現在回看才發現怎麼這麼美💓
Another city full of history, and art. Do you know where it is?
When human looks so tiny compared to the massive buildings, then what we are compared to the universe?
Most of the time, it is good weather makes my picture good, also my mood.
Taken in a garden near my stay in #Hokitika . Still remember the endless chat with the local grandpa tht night, a grandpa who travels lots in the world, and complains Hong Kong has no good coffee ☕️ 😂
Good night, world 🌙🌍
A big church in a small town. Iconic one ✨
Origin of Rome. Full of history and stories, and so so so massive✨Definitely worth to visit.
Was sick and had a very high fever so stop posting for a few days🤒 Watching vlog abt Rome and it reminds me how beautiful the weather was when I was in Rome too 🌞
This view is still unbeatable 🤗
Hello weekends! Here is the wonderful weather pic when I was in Amalfi! Still remember the bus journey to there was so exciting (comparable to Santorini). Amalfi is a very small town with its uniqueness. But people there r just not so ..... :/
After visiting Europe for many times, I notice these kinds of bridge can be found anywhere from time to time. And they are so beautiful 💓
The hot chinese new year reminds me the hot days in Singapore 🇸🇬 Do you know there is such a colorful street? Many handmade clothing can be found here! Worth to pay a quick visit here during daytime (cuz at night, here transforms to bars and clubs 😉)
On the last day of pig year, had a crazy lunch gathering, with non-stop picture taking with my lovely frds. Thts why its important to upload this masterpiece 🤪
Do you know there is a place named ‘Paradise’ near here?
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