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• as far as thinking spots go, this one is definitely one of my favourites 🐋👌🏼
• rainy mondays and back to the grindstone (aka my living room floor) 👩🏼‍💻 I've been working my little derrière off the last few weeks on giving my website a much needed facelift. Isn't it weird how you might preach and preach to your clients about how snazzy their website + marketing needs to look when your own one has about as much sex appeal as a potato? 🥔 Can't wait to republish it and bring all you small biz owners out there a new pool of knowledge, tools and resources to help you market your business, grow your brand online and live the freelance lifestyle of your dreeeams! Watch this space... 🌈✨🤗
• pink skies, purple waves and the most graceful photobomber you ever did see 🌟 happy weekend errybody!
• if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like SUNBEAMS and you will always look lovely 🌞 #makepositivitylouder
• me and my poochie living our best lives 💛 #hisliltongue
• weekends well spent 🌞
• mick and I try to say 'yes' to as many opportunities as possible, as we figure they often lead to new experiences and can open up new doors 🗝 but it also has a habit of winding us up in some fairly unusual situations, such as this semi steamy photoshoot in the ocean after we befriended a photographer on our hols who was looking for a couple to shoot 😅 #justsayyes Thanks for the beautiful piccies @photographerchristineide it was so great to meet you 💛
• working from home with your other half is pretty awesome but it definitely has it's ups and downs... Mick gets mad at me for being the "noise police" and I get irritated AF at him for blasting out rap music and running into my office every 47 seconds to give me an update on his day. However, when we're working from an epic cafe and there is food in front of us - we manage to work in perfect harmony 👌 So if any one has any recommendations for dog friendly, laptop friendly Gold Coast cafes please hit us up, cos we're quickly exhausting our locals 😅
• starting and finishing my days with beach walks, whale watching and pooch smooooches 🐋💛 #thegoodlife
• can’t believe it’s been 2 years today since we left England for our little whirlwind adventure ✈️🌏 time bloody flies when you’re having fun! Roll on Crimbo reunions at home with my favourites 💘💘💘
• my new favourite thing about working from home is staring at my little dog 24/7 wondering how something so goddam cute + fluffy ended up belonging to me 🐶💕 #beberalph #poochspam
• a week of rain at the Gold Coast + a very snotty household = all the holiday blues feels 🤧 missing that bali brekkie life 🍓🥥🥑🐷🐷🍌🍳🍒
• such a glorious long weekend with the fam eating and drinking our way round the Gold Coast 🐋🥂
• winter blues 💧✨
• beach days with my little fambam 💛🙏🏼✨
• 3 years of making you laugh at my hilarious jokes 💘 I love you millions, I bloody adore this sweet life we’re living and I can’t wait to be your wifey! @michaelsears #happyannitous #searsyandclaps
• *gets back from bali* *books next flights to bali* and this time it’s for something preeettyyy exciting 💘👰🏼🤵🏽✈️🌏
• a few of my favourite things 🐒🌴🌞
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