Kat Kerkhofs

🇧🇪Leuven ✈ Napoli 🇮🇹 CE-HO @qoregym

Happy birthday to my bestest friend, the most exhausting, weirdest and annoying little fucker in my life ❤️ Love you to bits
What excitement looks like ❤️
Hashtag humble 💁🏼‍♀️🍷
Vakantieportret met de alombekende Watervallen van Coo 🙄 @gertlatenight
Toen leken we nog braaf... 😏. Vanavond #gertlastyear 20:35 @opvier
I enjoyed every single moment of this dancing adventure, from training my ass off 7 hours a day to performing live in front of my family and friends. Thank you for coaching and inspiring me while making me laugh the whole time @nickkocken ❤️Thank you to the production, styling, make up and hair for putting up with me, my friends and family for cheering me on every week again and again (you can see them at the end of this video 😍) and especially to the people home who supported us and voted for us! A big congrats to my wonderful colleagues and @jamescooke1984 for winning this thing! #dwts @opvier
It’s showtime! Please join us in this party! Text 3 to 6655 #dwts @opvier
One hell of a journey! Merci iedereen voor de lieve berichtjes en ontroerende steun. @nickkocken en ik willen vanavond weer alles geven en jullie bedanken voor alle stemmen ❤ #finale #dwts 20:35 @opvier (3 to 6655)
We danced our hearts out 💜 Thank you for putting us in the finals! #dwts @opvier
How we feel about the semi finals 💃🏼 Thank you everyone for your support, we’ll shine for you tonight❤️ (text 1 to 6655 or www.vier.be)
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