Kat Kerkhofs

🇧🇪Leuven ✈ Napoli 🇮🇹 CE-HO @qoregym

Sense of drama: check ✅😁 (#dwts starts at 20:35: text 4 to 6655 or www.vier.be)
Eindelijk het ideale spel gevonden voor mijn ei-vormig hoofd, en dat met de zalige @eva_deroo #breakanegg op @vrtnu @stubru
Don’t be fooled, we look sweet but our #girlstalk is savage 😏 Alle filmpjes te bekijken op @vrtnu
Wisest words ever said: Get up offa that thing, And dance 'till you feel better 🙌🏼❤️ #dwts
Tonight is an ode to my dad and celebrating life ❤️ (#dwts starts at 20:35: text 4 to 6655 or www.vier.be)
Katers en baby’s, bad combo 🙄😒 Vanavond leer ik mijn lesje in #tipsy 20:35 @zovijf
That feeling you get when he refuses to put the dishes in the dishwasher😏 Loved this dance,outfit and my star @dwts_nickkocken #dwts @opvier
Rapunzel gone wild 😏 (voting starts at 20:35: text 8 to 6655 or www.vier.be)
You’ll rock my heart forever ❤️
This one’s gonna be fun 😏 #drunkdating Tonight 20:35 #tipsy @zovijf
Thank you @dwts_nickkocken for making me feel like a badass princess👸🏼And thanks everyone for the support, it really means a lot! #dwts @opvier
Can’t wait for this fairytale dance tonight 💜 (If you happen to like it, you can always vote at www.vier.be or text 5 at 6655 😘) #dwts 20:35 @opvier
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