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On-screen husband in the drama series "the Border"
New behind the scenes photo from the shoot promo to the second season of shared creators of the series "the Border":
Interview about the TV series "Merlin" - You like to play a negative character? And you sad that this season is the last? - Do I like playing the villain? Yes, of course! I do not tire of repeating that a bad girl is much more fun to play than to play good. And sad me from the fact that this season the last? Yes, my heart is broken. For five years the crew has become my family. - If Morgan had not gone to the dark side, someone she could fall in love? - That is, if you rephrase the question, now that she's gone to the dark side, nobody can fall in love? I don't think so. I think that fans fell in love with her even more. However, to be honest, my choice would fall on Merlin, because he better than anyone understands it. He also has magical abilities, he can cast powerful spells. This would be very fun. - If the series is renewed, you would continue to play Morgana? - No, not in the same way. We were lucky because every actor played his character from the beginning to the end (no substitutions). We're told the story of the Morgans, and I don't think there's something else that about it can tell. I'm happy for her, glad she came to what came. - You play Morgana as if there's something good? - No. And that you should always remember, Morgan does not think that it is bad. Morgan believes that she's doing all right. That's why I play her like she's a positive character. Just be that with her in this, few agree. For example, Arthur a bad king, Morgana would be the best Queen. - I think everything would have been different if Merlin Morgana revealed her secret in the beginning? - Yes, I'm talking to Colin about it all the time. I tell him that it's Merlin's fault that Morgana has become evil. It's Merlin's fault that Morgana wants to kill Arthur. By the way, Morgan is not guilty of anything . And I keep telling Colin, if he only talked about his secret to Morgana, when she was lonely and confused, supported her and said that everything will be fine, everything would be different. So if you want to blame someone for what happened β€” blame Merlin. Well, or Colin.
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#Repost ・・・ Super times on @supergirlcw with @melissabenoist , @mehcadbrooks , @odetteannable & #katiemcgrath . These fine folks turned a 5 page talky #catco scene into something special to shoot last night. Yesterday, I tagged #supercorp in a photo and was wisely rebuked for leaving the other Super ships off the hashtag list - ships such as #karamel , #sanvers and the rising #reigncorp . That's when I realized I need a ship handle of my own with the cuddly cast of #supergirl , with whom I am so obviously in love. But to sail a ship, you need a strong, fun combination of two names. #superkev sounds too braggy or implausible and #kryptkev comes off as too misleading. #silentgirl ? #superbob ? Someone christen my ship with the perfect name, please (remembering Titanic is already taken). The winner gets one of the t-shirts I gave to the cast & crew as a thank you gift. And please, don't be too mean: my Mom reads these. #KevinSmith #melissabenoist #mehcadbrooks #odetteannable #supergirlseason3
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