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NEW POD: We talk to @algore about climate change & look back at news + politics in 2018 with @mikiebarb. Plus Brian and I have a special announcement!

My heart breaks all year long for these beautiful children and their families, but especially on this day every year. I am sending a special hug to my friends Mark and Jackie Barden who started @sandyhookpromise to help prevent these tragedies from happening to other families in schools across the country. They also participated in a documentary I executive produced about gun violence called Under the Gun which illuminated the history of gun violence in this country and tells the personal stories of those who have lost loved ones in this most senseless and violent way. The Bardens’ strength and courage inspire me every day. Please hold them and all the victims of gun violence In your hearts. 💙 #sandyhook #restinpeace #remembertheirnames
🎶It’s the most wonderful time of the year....🎶 The royal Christmas cards have been released and I am LOVING them! I just want to squeeze little Prince Louis’ cheeks! 🥰🥰 And liking the leg kick from Prince George-something I would have done as a cheeky tot! #royalfamily #happyholidays #toocute
The only benefit of waking up at 2:30am and not being able to get back to sleep (damn you jetlag!) is that your insomniac friends send you crazy videos like this one! Thanks @hairhousebronx aka Dana! I didn’t send out Christmas cards this year, so consider this mine to all of you! 🤪❤️🎄🎁🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻 PS Molner has some serious moves...particularly enjoyed when we did “the bump.” 😝
A #tbt with Taylor Swift since today is her birthday! 🌟🌟She was on my talk show back the in the day and told me all about her “unusual” song writing process. Happy Birthday @taylorswift !!! What’s your favorite T-Swift song?! #loveher #birthdaygirl #tswift #nowihaveshakeitoffstuckinmyhead 🤪
#tbt to a little tune played in my light up Christmas sweater last year to get you in the holiday spirit. (Where does the time go???) #toolazytodothisagain 🎄🎅 🎁 #hohoho #myfavorite #meetmeinstlouis ❤️
“I blame myself for the conduct which has brought me here today, and it was my own weakness and a blind loyalty to this man that led me to choose a path of darkness over light. Time and time again I felt it was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds rather than to listen to my own inner voice and my moral compass.” Michael Cohen, former lawyer for President Trump was just sentenced to three years in prison for pleading guilty to crimes committed in New York, and two months for lying to Congress. He was also asked to pay nearly $2 million in fines, forfeitures and restitution. 🔹Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the duration of negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, as well as the extent to which Trump was involved. 🔹Cohen also pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations, tax evasion and making false statements to a financial institution. 🔹Cohen also admitted in court he had arranged payments “for the principal purpose of influencing the election” for President Trump in 2016. #breakingnews #michaelcohen #thebigstory
Not that many 27 year olds can say they were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but today’s #WednesdayWoman can!! #VERYIMPRESSIVE . @amandangocnguyen , the founder of the non profit organization @risenow.us , is working tirelessly to pass a Sexual Assault Survivor Bill Of Rights in all fifty states - 14 states have passed it so far. A survivor of sexual assault herself, she is fighting to protect other victims across the country by making sure rape kits - which contain critical evidence - are not destroyed and that rape survivors have access to their medical information and are not required to pay for evidence collection. (Not even convicted criminals have to do that.) Amanda was raped in 2013 when she was an undergraduate at Harvard but chose not to press charges upon learning that there was a 15 year statute of limitations for prosecuting the crime in Massachusetts. But after she discovered the state destroyed rape kits after six months, she lobbied the Massachusetts legislature to change the law - and she succeeded. “It’s called secondary trauma when a criminal justice system is meant to protect survivors but instead it hurts them and re-traumatizes them. A lot of people tell survivors to go to the criminal justice system..but I was met with a Kafkaesque system that was a labyrinth for me to figure out why my evidence was being destroyed and why that deadline even existed in the first place.” She calls this a civil rights issue because “other crimes aren’t treated this way. For instance, murder - a class A felony, just like rape - the evidence is never destroyed. That’s how you solve cold cases in murders.” Amanda, thank you for turning your trauma into transformative change. You inspire me. (And I discovered you on Instagram - so cool!) To learn more about Amanda’s work, visit http://www.risenow.us/about-rise #wednesday #womenwednesday #wcw #survivorsbillofrights #rise
The Guardians for Truth are @time ’s 2018 Person of the Year - individuals “who have taken great risks in pursuit of greater truths.” The honorees include (from left to right): ♦️Jamal Khashoggi, @washingtonpost columnist and critic of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was murdered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. It is the first time the magazine has chosen someone who is no longer alive as person of the year. ♦️Staff of the @capgaznews including the five employees who were killed June 28th when a gunman broke into the newspapers’ Annapolis office. ♦️@reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo (whose photographs are being held by their wives on the cover) were reporting on the conflict in Myanmar when they were arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison. ♦️Maria Ressa - editor of the @rappler news website in the Philippines. She covered and criticized Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte and his violent drug war. Well done, @time. #time #personoftheyear #journalists #firstamendment
Don’t be jelly! #JVN ❤️ @jvn #queereye #werkit
Happy #monday everyone! I’m back in NYC and getting into the groove again (albeit I’m moving a bit slowly thanks to the jet lag 🤪)Today’s #mondaymotivation comes from Grace Hopper, a pioneer computer scientist and Navy Admiral, basically an all-around badass! 😊And now her name graces (get it?) one of the colleges (or buildings/dormitories) at Yale, It used to be known as Calhoun College, named after Yale alumnus and former Vice President, John C. Calhoun. Calhoun was the most “strident articulator” of slavery as a positive good - for both slave holders and slaves. After an outcry on campus- spearheaded by then student, now Yale alum @daijmoore Calhoun College was officially renamed Grace Hopper College last year. And now Dasia is joining our team at KCM (Katie Couric Media-how original!) yay! If you’ve been told “but we’ve always done it that way,” tell them, that’s not a good enough reason. #amazinggrace #mondaymotivation #inspiringwomen #themoreyouknow #americainsideout #regram from @melindafrenchgates Illustration by @kimothy.joy
Nothin’ says home like a home cooked meal. #roastchicken #brocollini #butterlettuce . Not shown: Molner’s baked potato. The presentation could use a little work. 😏 PS why am I suddenly awake at 1:50 am? #jetlag #indiatime #ugh
Day 12 of our India adventure brought us to another incredible series of caves, more ancient than #elloracaves in Aurangabad. This is cave #10 of the #ajantacaves and was made in...wait for it...200 BC! There are more than 30 caves here, chiseled from the massive basaltic rock and many contain paintings that are preserved and convey what life was like back in the day. Blue paint made from lapis, white from limestone, red from ocre, green from plants, black from soot—you get the picture. This cave houses a massive stupa, the symbol used before Buddha was deified. In 1819, an English officer named John Smith, who was leading a hunting expedition witnessed a tiger entering a small opening which led to the discovery of the caves. Built between 200 BC and the 5th century AD, it was thrilling walking through these caves. @johnmolner is completely making fun of me telling you all this so I will stop now. We ❤️’d India and the people of this transcendent country. I will put a few shots of the interior of the caves and some of the paintings and details on stories! Thanks for taking the journey with us! I think I have become an honorary member of the Indian Chamber of Commerce! 🇮🇳 #namaste #tripofalifetime
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