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Listen to Melvv’s remix of Kool Aid! 👇🏻

Drew and I lived in NY together a long time ago when we were first starting out. We lived close to Times Square, and would eat at the Applebee’s there almost every day because you’re in New York City, where else do you eat?! Now Drew’s face is on a scrolling flashy billboard just steps away from that Applebee’s, and I wonder what our younger selves eating boneless buffalo wings would think about that.
I love this remix so much! Thank you @itsmelvv for putting your spin on this song and bringing it to life in a whole new way 🤘🏻. Link in bio to listen!
tbt to discovering huji and a sunny day last year. kool aid melvv remix drops tomorrow yalllllll! link in bio to pre-save it on Spotify 👀
FRIDAY 🔥😎🕺🏼 @itsmelvv
Live! From New York! It’s Sunday afternoon and we’re waiting to fly back to LA, but this was us last night EN BEE DEE. Thank you @jodimancusohairdesign for takin care of us and scarring me for life (swipe right for why)
the other three
wrote some songs, saw old friends, met new ones, ate bbq, ordered sweet tea, had big plans to workout every morning but only did once, left my debit card at the bar of Dave and Busters, watched my bb nephew *almost* walk, and took a pic in Rox and Andy’s bathroom to commemorate it all. Thanks for a great couple weeks Nashville! Can’t wait to come back.
Excited to be in Nashville for a couple weeks! For several reasons, but getting to wear this jacket is high on the list. ⛄️
happy new year everyone! I was at a party with other people I swear!!!
A highlight of moms year was discovering Jeni’s strawberry buttermilk ice cream, so I got her a few pints delivered for Christmas. I might as well have gotten her a new car.
Stopped by @flighthouse to do a Bedroom Bops Christmas edish!! Link in bio to watch the full performance of one of my all time fave Christmas songs. And @alexdeanedwards on guitar! Happy Holidays guys. Thanks for the love and support this year. Means everything to me. ❤️🎄
family ski trip day 1 going great
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