Just another way to keep up with the Kardashians

Lookin like a snack in that @Honeybum 🍯🍑 What kind of snack are you?😂 search ‘Honey Bee set’
Birthday wishes for Kim from the fam😗
How do you think it feels to watch back your life like the Kardashians do? Would you get mad all over again?
They have come such a long way in these two videos😂 I hope everyone is doing well! The episode on the left will be coming soon this season make sure to keep watching every Sunday😜
“You’re not special” 😳 @kourtneyvideo
Love this! Amazing job @chantelle_shamoon
Kim’s birthday is tomorrow!👑 Amazing edit by @nirmarx
Finally a Kanye and Kim collab. Surprised this took so long since Kim’s song Jam was so iconic
Kim’s birthday is coming up!
Amazing what the Kardashians have done for these children!
The Kardashians create results versus just talking about results, listen to the end
Wow I love this!! (@mrblingcolombia )
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