🏝 Justin Nowak 🤑

A Canadian living in #Mexico chasing the dream from the #beach 🏝 I like #photography and the #hustle . I help people find #motivation and #discipline 🥇

The #sunset in Vallarta is insane! ☀️
Was waiting to see a movie, and I was just staring off into those towers and I thought it made a great shot. The sun was just going down behind the buildings!
This is my little model! ❤️😁
These kids are the best! ❤️
Back to my favorite place on the world! I wish I got more time to spend here, but you have to hustle for this lifestyle! 🥇🏝
This is everyday life for me, which after 2 years I cannot believe is my reality. I celebrated 2 years in Mexico 🇲🇽 yesterday. You can do whatever you want in the life, don’t let people tell you no or hold you back. Most of all, don’t listen to the little voice in your head that limits YOU! Take the big leap, start the business, follow your passion. We only get one shot at this. Make sure it’s worth every minute!
Hanging out amongst the 🌴 today! It doesn’t get much more relaxing and beautiful in this world! 😁
I have mountains here, but not snow capped mountains like in #alberta . I miss hot coffee on a cold day. Wearing a sweater, and exploring in the snow. Although no one else in my family does! They love the warm weather, the hot sunny days.
Everyday life here in Mexico, the hustle is real. The one big change from Canada to Mexico is the family time. It is taken much more seriously here, families hanging out at the pool, eating or listening to music. People are always together, and I think that is awesome. #family #mexico #familytime #shotoniphone #travel
Now this is a Christmas tree in paradise! 🌲 🌴 ☀️
The sunrise’s and sunset’s here never get old. I could post about them everyday at this point and still never get bored. Maybe I will create an account dedicated to these beauties separate from my main account. Where were you when you saw your best sunset? ☀️
It’s still weird sitting at a pool on Chris Day. This is my second year in a tropical climate for Xmas. No more parkas, torques or boots when we go out. And I can’t say I miss it at all. ❤️😂
Party time! Pictures from last weekend's event, and what an amazing experience it was. This was the house where they filmed part of the movie "Limitless" The whole area has an inspiring vibe to it, making you feel like you can accomplish anything. 🥇😁
I am a sucker for a good #sunrise 😁🌄🌅
Waking up and working in a place like this is a blessing. But far too often, we get stuck in the day-to-day grind and forget all of the wonderful things we have in our life. It happens to me, it happens to anyone out there. Just remember, life is pretty good! 🌴☀️
Good Morning! Life in the fast lane, it's all about the hustle. 🥇
So many empty chairs, just getting ready to be filled by avid beach goers coming back to bucerais for the high season!
This kid was built for the beach! 🌴🤘
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