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So one day I bought some protein and... . 😂 . See for me, my personal life and business both tie in to the gym . Really my hour or so in there is based off of principles that translate to anything else in life that’s worth while . work hard.. don’t quit.. embrace challenges.. . that’s why it’s always important to me to get in there and pay my dues . It’s my baseline, my therapy and the best place to stare myself in the face and say.. “you can be better” . When your up against it and you push past where your brain is telling you to quit... there’s not much else that can set the tone for the day quite like that . So yea this super extra outfit/shaker/bag coordination.. well it was bound to happen eventually and I’m all for repping the brand but this just feels a bit like overkill 🤷🏻‍♂️ . But then again can you ever have too much of a great thing? . Maybe, maybe not but there’s one thing for sure.. . The culture those guys have built over at @1stphorm is reason number 1 why I even considered using their supplements in the first place and why I’m proud to rep the 1P today . Genuine people who want to see you succeed, whether you buy their shit or not.. that’s what you find over there at HQ . That’s the kind of business I proudly stand behind 👊🏼 . For the record it did start with protein (chocolate phormula 1 to be exact) but I’ve been using @1stphorm products exclusively for about a year now because if I’m gonna put in all that work and I’m gonna buy a supplement... I want that supplement to deliver the best results . Happy Sunday everyone, get ready to crush next week.. or hell start today for that matter, no one says you can’t 😉 . . . #betterthanyesterday #dothework #duespaid #100to0 #iam1stphorm
When you need to try out a new lens... . . . #supercharged #canonusa #canonphotography #photography #audi
Just wrapped up an awesome day of content creation for my buddy @richietheplumber , owner of @rcl_mechanical . Now to the lab for some post editing to pull it all together! . Shout out to @spencerberke @berkemarketing for the lens tip, that @tamronusa 24-70 G2 2.8 was perfect for this job . And of course with a long day on the road you know I had to have some @1stphorm Level-1 with me to keep my macros on point 👍🏼 . . . #canonusa #dji #photography #videographer #contentcreator
I received a call from a client who needs these drone stills to be resized for a website . What works for one website may not work for another and in this case that is exactly the issue. . This is 100% a non-issue correction that can be done in a matter of minutes . I keep the raw files backed up on a hard drive so I always have originals in the event something needs to be changed down the road, even months later . . . #dronephotography #realestate #realestatemarketing #luxuryhomes #oceanfront #justheagent
Another scan done, another happy client . Creating these Virtual Tours can be fun, but the real reward comes from knowing your client loves the finished product . #overdeliver #virtualtour #realestatemarketing #justheagent
Lost her first tooth 😬 . Aaand we can’t find it... I told her if she swallowed it a tooth tree 🌳 would grow in her stomach... . She didn’t buy it 🙄 . #daddyslittlegirl #notsolittle #prouddad
Limitations... Rocco aka Taco Sauce, and I just crushed our personal best of 3miles with a 9:07 pace... . With a 4mile run at 8:48 . Helped that he didn’t stop to 💩 this time but it also helped that we didn’t stop at all... . Which is the first time I’ve been ran this far without slowing to a walk to suck air at least once... . Which also got me thinking... . If I just ran that far that fast (fast for me) and the last time I ran I was dying 2.75mi in... . Maybe I wasn’t pushing myself before.. . Or maybe I got comfortable just getting to 3mi and started telling myself I was gassed, so I believed that I was at my limits . Maybe I’m no where near what I can actually do 🤔 . I believe the only limitations there are are the ones we set for ourselves . Gotta #maxout . 👊🏼 . . . #alwaysimproving #bebetter #betterthanyesterday #duespaid #100to0 #iam1stphorm #relentless
Virtual Tour & Photography done for a nice little flip in New Bedford. Sometimes subtle changes can make the biggest impact 💥 . . . #realestate #virtualtour #photography #realestatephotography #realestatemarketing
🤨 @richietheplumber we gotta talk about this bro . 😂 . . . #rzr #rzr1000turbo #daddyslittlegirl
Change...Almost 10 years ago I wrecked my Audi A4 speeding through backroads trying to make it to work after a very late night out. I was barely awake and driving like a maniac on winding roads covered with ice . I lost control and slapped a boulder with my right rear wheel and it launched me off the road flipping once (I think) and landing right side up . I was knocked unconscious and when I woke up I actually tried driving out because my car was still running and I was so disoriented I didn’t think anything was wrong until I noticed my windshield wasn’t there... . I got lucky, no seat belt and only suffering a fractured T-7 vertebrae and a mild concussion.. . I told you this story because I think it’s an example of how different people can be after time passes and you gain more experience and, hopefully, more wisdom . The person that wrecked that Audi almost 10 years ago was an idiot. I was an idiot. I had no direction, no discipline and was going thru life one day to the next with no regard for anyone but myself and wasting every opportunity because I was to fucking lazy and ignorant to get out of my own way . However, even if that version of me and the me today wouldn’t have shit to say to one another, I wouldn’t be where I am today without those experiences . I was wrong then, about a lot of things, and I’m still learning today. We can’t choose how the lessons are presented but we can choose to learn from them or stay stuck in our ways . I’m glad to say I changed a lot, with some things still the same. For example, I’ll always love fast cars and luxury cars, with a soft spot for Audi’s (that R8 is next 👌🏼).... then an Agera 🤑(if you know what that is we can be friends) . But probably the biggest difference.. besides needing a car with a 3rd row 👶😂... is I’m working hard, with a purpose. Making up for time wasted and chasing my potential and I hope I never meet it . So the moral of the story, make better choices.. and when things are going bad for you, look at yourself first, find one thing you can control and improve on it and repeat . Here’s to the constant pursuit of the next level 🍻(felt like a cheers moment) . #100to0 #change #fbf #bebetter
Happy #flexfriday to you all and I hope you had a more consistent week than I did 😒 . When your looking back over the week sometimes you’ll have a couple L’s, and it’s ok to not be happy about it as long as you don’t get discouraged . Use that shit to fuel the fire 🔥 . Every day counts, even if you want to chalk the whole week up as a loss . Focus on changing that momentum, TODAY.. not tomorrow, not Monday, right NOW, especially if you don’t feel like it . Go get that #win 👊🏼 . . . #hitemwiththecobra #gogetit #duespaid #100to0 #iam1stphorm
#fbf with a #flexfriday to my novice photo shop skills . Pulled this pic from a content shoot I did for @valkyra.us and used it for some editing practice . Obviously went a bit beyond editing 😂 . Though I still like making things disappear or doing things like transposing image backgrounds, the majority of @photoshop I do now is removing little things from real estate client’s photos . Things like a broken down riding lawn mower stuck in the middle of the back yard (true story) 🙄 . Regardless, I love when I get the chance to be creative . . . #canonusa #photography #photographer #photoshop #creative
One of the best workouts I’ve had in a while . I made some big mistakes this week... a good workout doesn’t make up for that but it’s a good place to wipe the slate clean . Learn from the fumbles, recenter and move on . That treadmill time was the finisher to a excellent chest workout and my second attempt at the 3mi run workout for the #30forthekids challenge . It turned out to be my best pace for anything... ever... . . . #extremeownership #focus #latenight #duespaid #100to0 #iam1stphorm
Paisley is going in for her surgery today to restructure her knee and to take care of the issues she’s had from a degenerative disease in her CCL 🙁 . Besides the obvious discomfort and lack of mobility, we’ve seen a drastic drop in her mood over the past months. We hope that this surgery will turn it around 🤞🏼 . . . #dogsarefamily #rescuedog #mixedbreed
I told @realworld_tactical I wasn’t gonna post this because I let him get the angle on me 💪🏼 😒 . If you don’t know who he is... this guy crushes some of the most dynamic workouts I’ve ever seen, he’s a Veteran 🇺🇸 and just a cool/badass MF . Awesome meeting you Tony, thank you for your service ..and thank you for the constant punishment you take during your workouts, its motivating to say the least 👊🏼 . . . #mondaymotivation #beliketony #legionofboom #summersmash2018 #iam1stphorm
It’s my priority to deliver the best product with the quickest turnaround time possible. In fact I guarantee it.. . Why? . Because photography/virtualtours/video are virtually the first phase of listing a property on the market . After signing a listing contract with a realtor there’s a gamut of emotions a homeowner could be experiencing, from excitement to anxiety . I know I want the first step in the selling process to be positive. . For them to be held up for days waiting for photos because of me really doesn’t paint the greatest picture of what the next few months may be like . So I make sure I get any standard services (photos & Virtual Tours) back to my realtor clients within 24 hours . Because if this is my only involvement with the transaction, it’s my responsibility to ensure there’s no issues and that they have the marketing media available so they can list the property when they want to . There’s no reason a listing should be held up for marketing material and there’s no reason to put up a listing without at least a full photo shoot . Quality work and quick turn around times.. can’t beat it 👊🏼 . . #realestate #realestatemarketing #realestatephotography #canon #lightroom #justheagent
👌🏼One of my favorite shots from yesterday as far as composition and lighting 📷 . ...I had to force myself to choose something other than the kitchen 🤦🏻‍♂️ . ...Really it’s a problem #customkitchenaddiction . Camera: Cannon 80D Lens: Cannon 10-18mm . . . #canonphotography #canonusa #realestatephotography #realestatemarketing #justheagent
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