Junk Jedis

Job of the day. A little side yard clean up. #junkjedis
Side yard cleanup- wood, buckets, screens..... see you later. #junkjedis
And just like that. It was gone. #junkjedis
Job of the day, old patio furniture is gone. #junkjedis
Cardboard cleanup, job of the day. #junkjedis
Our job of the day. Construction debris. Remodel. #junkjedis
500 lb statues, no problem.
Job of the Day.
This is what the guys at #junkjedis drink to get them through the day.
It's not always about the big jobs. We do the small jobs as well. #JunkJedis
Garage cleanout today, #junkjedis
We have been working all week on a big project, here is an example of one of the rooms, #junkjedis
Here is the kitchen of our latest property cleanout #junkjedis
Clearing out a storage unit. #junkjedis
Here is an office job we did yesterday. #junkjedis
It's amazing the difference it makes when you free up some clutter, most of this was able to be donated!
Nothing like an OTT, "otter pop" and a helmet at the dinner table, lol
5 star reviews - We are just as thankful to earn your service.
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