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#Cook with me, y'all! Just a girl from the #DeepSouth who has a passion for #cooking good #food at #home . Put some #Joy in your #kitchen , #follow me!

Tis' the season! Of crawfish, that is! Okay, maybe just hardly... but I can't wait! Make my crawfish fettuccine. Link in bio #purejoyliving
Happy taco Tuesday! Make my porky tacos for an easy, tasty taco night! Link in bio #purejoyliving
My never fail game day food is always my hot tenders. Let's get spicy for game day! WHO DAT! 🖤⚜️🖤 Link in bio! #purejoyliving
BIG GAME Sunday, y'all! What are your plans? I can't wait! I will be making my shrimp bread to snack on. It's easy and filling. Grab a piece in one hand and cheer with the other hand! Link in bio #purejoyliving
What is your favorite breakfast? Lately I put a platter out of different things for my kids to pick from. I put fruit, olives, omelettes, poached eggs, bacon, cheese and biscuits. No reason to leave hungry! ❤️ Have you ever cooked poached eggs? How do you feel about them? #purejoyliving
@smokedmeatblog shared his meatball recipe with me, and it was fantastic! My smoker is broken, so I had to cook them in the oven, but they’re amazing. Used @sucklebuster SPG for seasoning, stuffed with cheddar cheese and jalapeño slice. #purejoyliving
Happy national whipped cream day!!! Whipped cream is so easy to make at home. Use my recipe and add it to something awesome tonight! Link in bio #purejoyliving
Cooked my lady loves @bellylaughliving tater tot casserole! My little girl was watching me on Instagram during thanksgiving time and requested it. Sometimes I forget to do fun things like tater tots for my kids. Sad. So much change going on here with my kids and life! Been reflecting deeply, especially with my kids. They’re so close and chose to share a room, and I love how every morning I hear them wake up and they still sit in their bed talking and laughing. They’re best friends and it’s just the best to watch. But the season is coming when they will need to go back to their own rooms. 😔❤️❤️❤️ #purejoyliving
Made shrimp fettuccine from the new @slapyamama cookbook! Came out delish and oh so creamy! Link in bio to their cookbook. #purejoyliving
Happy New Year y’all! Get lit, eat good and get sexy. 😘 Make my cherry and grape frosé to help you with that last part: Ingredients: (makes 2 full drinks or 4 small) 2 cups Rosé (dry) 2 cups ice 1/2 cup sugar 1 cup frozen dark sweet cherries 1 cup red seedless grapes Sugar for rolling the grapes Directions Wash grapes and soak in rosé wine for an hour or two Remove them from wine and roll in granulated sugar Place on a tray and freeze until ready to use In a blender, blend cherries with 1/2 cup sugar Add ice, rosé, blend until it is like a slushy Garnish with frozen sugar grapes ENJOY! **you can also use frozen strawberries! #purejoyliving
IT'S GAME DAY Y'ALL! Some might say these last couple games don't matter, fools. I'll still be over here cheering and enjoying my boudin balls! What are your favorite treats during the game? Link in bio #WHODAT #purejoyliving 🖤⚜️🖤⚜️🖤
Thank y’all for a wonderful 2018! 🎉❤️😘 #purejoyliving
Don’t forget your greens for your New Years feast! Southern style mustard greens are my fav! Link in bio #purejoyliving
Let’s get ready for New Year celebrations! Make my black eyed peas! Made with the one and only @camelliabeans and seasoned with @slapyamama you can’t go wrong! Link in bio #purejoyliving
Merry Christmas! May you all have a fabulous day full of naughty treats and happy times! #purejoyliving
Make it a Cajun/creole holiday!Today I am making my Shrimp Creole. It's pretty easy, one pot and will feed us well. Just what I need before all the madness! #purejoyliving @slapyamama
Happy Friday y'all! Christmas is so close! How about an easy meal tonight? Try out my cajun sausage pasta. Link in bio #purejoyliving
Have your menu planned for Christmas? If not, try this brown sugar crusted ham, easy and delicious :)
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