Pure Joy

#Cook with me, y'all! Just a girl from the #DeepSouth who has a passion for #cooking good #food at #home . Put some #Joy in your #kitchen , #follow me!

Make it an easy and simple pizza night with my Margherita Pizza. So fresh and tasty! #purejoyliving
Chocolate mousse. My idea of heaven. Link in bio #purejoyliving
Need a light lunch or dinner? Make my fried eggplant and put a salad or side with it! #purejoyliving
Do you love beef? Try my steak tips! They are so easy to throw together on a Monday night. It's a meaty Monday instead of meatless! :) #purejoyliving
Were you able to get blueberries to freeze this summer? Use them in my blueberry white chocolate bread pudding! #purejoyliving
Making sandwiches to survive the weekend? Or having a family get together and cooking my filet roast? Make my horseradish cream sauce to spice it up! Link in bio. #purejoyliving
One. More. Day. Don’t do takeout tonight thinking you can’t make it until the weekend! This chicken is so easy, you can have a home cooked meal on the table in no time! #purejoyliving @slapyamama
Half way through the week y'all! Make my strawberry bread with vanilla cream drizzle for a fast breakfast the rest of the week! Link in bio #purejoyliving
For my daddy! ❤️ Guns!Fishing! Hunting! And chocolate!....? Which one was my favorite? 🤣🤗❤️ link in bio #purejoyliving
Need an easy side dish for dinner tonight? Make my kicked up asparagus ❤️ link in bio #purejoyliving
Happy national chocolate chip cookie day! Make mine if you feel like staying in today or go pick up some at your favorite market! @simonesmarket posted some that look delicious! #purejoyliving
Impress your people this weekend by making my easy yeast rolls. The rolls are so soft and perfect for a sandwich or just enjoying them with butter! #purejoyliving
Make my creamy bacon jelly shrimp bites this weekend for the perfect appetizer! Sweet. Spicy. Crunchy. And bacon, duh 😉😘 #purejoyliving • • • • • • • #slapfam #slapyamama @slapyamama
For today's recipe I used Miss Jones chocolate cake mix. For the longest time, I stayed away from any boxed products. Even more so when I had children and we found they have LOTS of allergies. Miss Jones products offer homemade-tasting organic cake, brownie, and cookie mixes as well as frostings. Everything they make features simple, non-GMO ingredients, no hydrogenated oils or trans fats, and no artificial flavors or colors. I am proud to spotlight them as an ambassador for their products, and a happy mom who can get a break from allergy scares. And the best part, it taste good- not like cardboard! **Please, if you decide to purchase this product because of allergies, read the ingredient list to make sure it doesn't contain ingredients that you need to avoid. Link to product is in the recipe posted in bio. #purejoyliving @missjonesbakes #betterwithmissjones
Do you love seafood? Try out my crab cakes for an appetizer or dinner! Link in bio #purejoyliving @novafoodking
Just about everywhere you go down here there is a version of "bang bang" shrimp on the menu. Make them at home tonight! Here is my version. #purejoyliving
Meatless Monday for you! Make my jazzy mushroom pasta, made with portobello mushrooms and spiced up with #slapyamama . You won’t miss meat with this! ❤️ #purejoyliving
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