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“Her Room” by Andrew Wyeth. It makes sense to me that it would have a crease in the middle of this masterpiece of simple American life. It doesn’t in the painting but as I was looking through a book of his paintings this morning, it makes sense to me this divide right in the middle of our American beauty, our most simple, emotional and highly skilled expression of us. This is my mood as I think about growing up in the country, surrounded by those wild animals my mother took from people who thought it made them look cool to domesticate them, and she would try and nurse them back to health. My country life of oak trees and seeing the sun through the dust coming from behind a Chevy pulling away from me. And the ocean: that highly volatile, multi-faceted friend who taught me with her daily designs how beautifully complex every personality is — that was later, and I’d sit and watch her for hours, even as a kid. But the tone here is tumultuous, the personality swathed with crude windowed yellows and grey-Blue silences. The mood is ominous yet it’s simplified. Today is a day given as it stands: take it! — this potpourri of personalities. It all starts on a painter’s palette while we sleep, one brushstroke after another.
There’s a reason I don’t adhere to your rules well. It might have to do with the rains, or it might have to do with the mountain lion getting into the chicken coop last night. It’s not that I don’t like you or that I don’t respect that you have a pattern that you like to follow. It might just be that I like when it has a little more wild in it —something that feels a little bit bigger than all of us.
Sometimes I go out on the ranch and pose for cattle and small ground squirrels. @millermobley
“Half of life is fucking up, the other half is dealing with it.” — Henry Rollins
#outtakesaturday My version of a sleepy Thanos reacting to criticism from Paula Abdul and Simon after my audition for “America’s Got Talent”. Thank you.
Hi guys. I’m promoting something really important today. Me. Okay thanks. #meisasmedoes #joshbrodashian #ihavenothingtosayabouteverything COMMENTS ARE OPEN JUST FOR THIS ONE —
JOURNAL. August 2, 2018 Late: The way the day played out, and this time solo, lonely, but in the best way, so I can feel my heart and assess my interest level in all that I do and what I prioritize. No room for much bullshit anymore: friends in my life, loyal (older) acquaintances from around but sharing the same appreciation of it all...those tough guys but so soft hearted...that’s it. And filling my day exhausting ideas, stories, stretching my cul de sacs into roads, into new trails, and in that desert finding what could be golden without being attached to any of it: what comes tomorrow is new and what bleeds over to tomorrow belongs. The rest can Rest In Peace played with well. And writing down all those memories in my journal yesterday, one after the other, whatever came out, what an exercise, what it conjures, and so much I’m appreciative of and cringe to but today lives without shame today is mine in God’s land and I walk in that desert knowing I have water and food (People, God, food, water, the big wave, the hold down, the hand in hand walk on the beach) and knowing full well that at some point I will need it. And to read about little Sam and his rambunctiousness makes me laugh. To picture all the little children around and the joy they bring. Knowing all the while that my wife is happy in the south right now surrounded last night by friend after friend celebrating her feeling special knowing this is a special time and right around the corner are sleepless nights always wanting the best for your child always wanting to be helping to arrive at every needed milestone I am here for you my little sweet Daddy loves you so much already here I am. I read last night and this morning and looked at Hockney paintings and read an Emerson quote to my wife about nature and I’ve gotten bored with the same old bullshit so I’m remembering that I get habitual and that breaking that is essential and a poke to the heart, searching through my interests is so important and always finding my wide eyes in there. The precious present of that. All those memories there. This time and these lists and the remembering that this is icing. Nothing but icing. Sweet icing, no matter.
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DOWNLOADABLE TODAY. Truth is I loved playing the purple dude. I got a soft spot for his extreme intentions; I understand it in a weird way. Plus, the only real reason to do a movie like this is for the gag reel. Destiny arrives. @avengers #thanos
@bcorso is a genius. @robliefeld created this out of thin air. @vancityreynolds Pulled me in. And, ultimately, all I had to do was grunt. 🤘💪 Congratulations to all for such a huge success, and thank you to all the fans for making that possible. ❤️✊️
Charles Bukowski // "Once again I hear somebody who is going to settle down and do their work, painting or writing or whatever, as soon as they get a better light installed, or as soon as they move to a new city, or as soon as they come back from the trip they have been planning, or as soon as... It's simple: they just don't want to do it, or they can't do it, otherwise they'd feel a burning itch from hell they could not ignore and 'soon' would turn quickly into 'now.' — @__nitch
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