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My rock. 60 days left! 💍❤️ Thank you for listening to even my most irrational of thoughts and still telling me I’m valid, taking care of me in all the ways you can, and most of all, for loving me in all the ways you do. — “I love you today. I will love you tomorrow. I will love you always. Because when we are reborn, I will fall in love with you again and again and again." - Faye Hall, from an untitled script
🌊🌊🌊 (📝 by @nikita_gill )
#Wedding invitations = sent!! 💌📬 The adventure was a little less painless thanks to Kirstie (@im_so_tachyyy )...for helping me stick and stuff envelopes, and also for driving around to 3 different post offices just so I could get enough of @annariflebond / @riflepaperco ’s #Love #Stamp 😍 yes, I‘m extra. Thanks for helping me be extra xoxo 💕
This couldn’t be any closer to the #truth . Where I was mentally this time last year is leaps and bounds worse than where I am today. Today is a new me. Today is #recovery , and I continue to consciously choose recovery every day. There are so many days (even weeks) where I slip up, stop practicing #selfcare and #mindfulness , get #depressed , my sleep is messed up, my self-esteem is low, my #anxiety is high, I have debilitating periods of #dissociation , and more and more and more. But having lapses is okay. It’s #human . We learn from mistakes and tough times. This time last year I would NEVER have imagined I’d be where I am today—getting married, buying a house, working from home and thriving, enjoying time with new friends (aka having a social life!), and continuing my passions of being an #advocate and #writing . My cup runneth over in #blessings but it’s easy to sink back into those old feelings again. And sometimes that’s okay. Sometimes we need those little reminders. But ultimately, right now where I am in my little space of #life on earth, I am #proud of myself and how far I’ve come in my recovery. I can look back and see the #positive changes in myself and how #strong I’ve become. I’m #thankful for the struggle because without it I would not have found my #strength to go on. I’ve been open about my #journey with #mentalhealth issues and I will continue to be, because as I said—recovery is a road that doesn’t end. I will always be recovering. But I can also be #happy , too. 💜 (📝: @daniellkoepke )
#Meditative #Monday #vibes . ✨ Just do nothing for 30 seconds. #Breathe . Recognizing my #anxiety , accepting it, and letting it go...🌊
💕💕💕 I always love everything that comes out of @b.oakman ’s pen.
Happy 33rd #Birthday to my A1 since Day 1! 🎉 Hard to believe we’ve celebrated 6 birthdays together but here’s to many many more. I hope you have the best birthday and I’m so happy to be living this life by your side, laughing and crying and laughing some more. Thank you for being the best. I love you!! 🎈❤️ @trey_is_better (📸 by @rosie.omar )
💕❤️💞 “Everything is temporary but love. #Love outlives us all.” - @rqueenauthor
Thank you to @_snackie_onassis_ for bringing me this beautiful #bouquet of #sunflowers this weekend (my favorite). Every time I look at them I feel a little more #happy 🌻💛
As someone who has taken on this type of mindset more and more as time goes on, I can say that it is extremely helpful. The worse my #health gets, the more #thankful and #grateful and #positive I try to be. Your thoughts make up a lot of your physicality. Your #body hears what you say to it, so be kind to yourself and tell yourself you’re okay, you’ll get through this, you’re growing and #healing . 💕✨
Why yes, I know you’re wondering if that’s mine. It is. That’s me, in my brand spankin’ new #wheelchair 💁🏻‍♀️ Because yes, I have invisible disabilities that cause me great pain if I perform too much physical activity. #Invisibleillness is REAL. Mine has reached a point that I felt I needed more than just braces to go places I know I’ll be walking a lot or active all day. This was a difficult, but necessary decision. No one thinks at 25 they’ll become by all intents and purposes, disabled. But I’ve learned that word isn’t as scary as it sounds and to take on that term with confidence. I have and will continue to #advocate for myself and my fellow warriors in this arena. I thought to myself at first, “but what if people don’t think I’m disabled? I don’t LOOK disabled.” 🤔 That’s ableism at its finest working on my brain. Because I, nor should anyone else, EVER have to prove their #disability or their need for a #mobilitydevice . I came to the conclusion that, hey, these amazing tools are out there for a reason, and I’m going to use them instead of continuing to force myself, put pressure on myself emotionally, and cause myself #pain when it’s completely unnecessary. My thoughts on what other people think of me have to be put to rest NOW. The only opinion that matters about me is MINE. The only opinion that matters about you is YOURS. To my disabled and chronically ill friends: Don’t ever let someone put you down, bully you, or psych you into thinking you aren’t as worthy because of your #illness or disability, and by the same token, don’t ever let someone belittle you into explaining your #medical devices to them. You don’t have to explain it. You need what you need to get by in this world, and we shouldn’t be making it harder on ourselves—society in general already makes it hard enough for us. #Ableism and #ageism are hard at work against us, but please don’t let it get you down. Be badass in your wheelchair. Walk in confidence with those braces. Strut your stuff with that cane or walker. Just be you, beautifully, #disabled , and proud. 💜♿️
Happy #HumpDay 🐪💕
#Flowers at my psychiatrist’s office...🌸🌼 because they were pretty and brightened my #Tuesday .
🌸☔️💫💖📖🍃🍂 #littlethings
In case you’re wondering where to get the best #coffee #icecream , it’s at this place. ☕️🍦 #NationalIceCreamDay
💕💃🏻🌸💋 @beccaleepoetry
It’s my sweet, not-so little pupper Kenzi’s 11th #birthday today! 💜🐶🎉 It’s her champagne birthday—11 on the 11th. I can’t believe you’re 11 years old and I’ve had you in my life this long 😭 how time flies. I’m not sure who rescued who, but you are always there being my little nurse when I’m feeling bad. You may be one of the most stubborn dogs I’ve ever encountered, but I still love you so 💕
#Pain is an interesting concept. The longer I live with #chronicpain , the more it grows and morphs within me, the more I #accept its presence. But #acceptance is hard. It takes a lot of inner work and mental #strength . I’m proud of the ways I’ve learned to cope and live with my pain and transmute it into something good. But sometimes it’s simply not good and there’s nothing I can do to make it good. In comes acceptance again, wherein I accept that my pain is just pain and it’s not going to be a good thing no matter how much #positivity I inject into the situation, no matter how much mental strength I use to try to overpower it. And that’s okay, too. Over the last week I have been weaning off of a high dose medication for my #fibromyalgia in preparation to begin a new, hopefully more effective medication. And today really has been the first hellishly painful day. So I #breathe . And accept the pain. And breathe some more... 🌬💕
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