John Mulaney

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Richard Kind.
freaky friday but sunday. Boomerang by @marcusrussellprice
we switched clothes for the second show. Red Bank, NJ. Photo by @marcusrussellprice.
oh boy
Happy Valentines Day to the coolest, kindest, funniest, weirdest, most beautiful, most artistically inspiring person I have ever met. Happy Valentines Day to a woman who is a cross between Joan Didion and Erika Jayne. Anna, you might as well be the Sea Org, because I’d sign a Billion Year Contract to be with you. Happy Valentines Day @amtendler. Life would be so stupid without you.
#tbt 1987. my brother and i were successful contemporary art dealers before the recession.
my parents were spies
Happy Birthday to my Nana. It was last week but I wanted to find this - my favorite photo of us together- before posting about her. I could provide context for this photo, but I won’t. My Nana plays piano, once was featured in a print ad for the phone company as a woman yelling into the receiver. She bought a kit to learn Hieroglyphics. She’s a one in a million person. As she said to me recently “Ah, we’re a happy family. And if we aren’t, don’t tell me.” Happy Birthday Nana.
Simon Rich is a genius (certified) and he has a new show #MiracleWorkers premiering tonight on @tbsnetwork. I loved it and loved the book its based on. Congratulations Simon! This is a picture of you in 2011 when you first got glasses.
Kingston, NY 2/11/2019 Photo by @marcusrussellprice
an all around great photo by @amtendler
‪I am opening for the incredible @sharonvanhalen tonight at The Beacon in New York City. I am very excited! Unrelated here is my passport photo from 1996‬
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