Joe Davis/ Mr Davis

5x platinum /billboard charting /Mgr/ universalmusicgroup /woodwardentcomplex c.e.o /jujuonthatbeat /gt/drego&lil beno/bandgang

Im team ab regardless this my homie
New year lunch mood
Family from the begining to end memorial service for my aunt maxine rip we celebrated her life memphis style
Memphis best bbq
Christmas and birthday in the sameday
Birthday boy putting on new shoes with no socks happy birthday jojo
Bringing in christmas with party favorites still have a hour and more drinks
I made the 40 club today marks a huge accomplishment
When a Producer decide to tear studio up and leave a balance only make us stronger no quit in this future we decided to make the studio bigger and better
Just lost another aunt to this rip maxine It looks like i will be in memphis tenn with family christmas time for on this sad Occasion
If you wonder who white boy rick snitched on johnny curry and the curry boys real og there movie coming soon
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