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Next Wednesday I’m back slinging jokes at one of the greatest comedy clubs on earth with @seguratom and @tonyhinchcliffe DON’T SLEEP!
Sometimes the universe lines things up for you to make things happen. I got up this morning planning on getting a hard workout in. I put my headphones on and was deciding what to listen to, and was ramping myself up for exercise, when this old school classic from Kool Moe Dee came on totally randomly. I laughed out loud, and immediately went to work.
Musashi has been a constant source of inspiration for me for most of my life. The Book Of Five Rings is, in my opinion, one of the most valuable things anyone has ever written. #Repost @cameronrhanes ・・・ That last sentence is a dagger... 🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡 Thanks for making me aware of this gem @brian56cushing.
Now imagine the outrage if all these deaths were coming from marijuana or magic mushrooms. #Repost @peterattiamd ・・・ Can someone please find me a more upsetting graph than this one? I need a negative distraction.
I fucking love @andrewdiceclay #Repost @andrewdiceclay ・・・ Yessss!!! I'm a Ten...Don't like it ! Fuck you !!! Yes , I work and do what I want , when I want!!! Don't like it ! Fuck U ! Yes ... When I'm bored , I go dump cash on a New car ! Don't like it ...Fuck U!!! Yes ... I probably Fucked More Chicks than most Guys looking at This !!! And yes Marriage don't hold me back if I see something I gotta Fuck !!! Don't like it ??? Suck my Fucken Dick!!! I wasn't Born to Follow Rules !!! Dice Rules ...It's How it's Been for 40 Fucken Years ... And it's only Gotten Better and more Freeing as Time Goes On... Don't like it. ? DONT WATCH...Cause it's only Gonna Eat you up inside. I'm looking Forward to Tomorrow...Why ??? Cause I can do whatever the Fuck I Want... So if you don't like what your Doin! Don't Do it...Either way ...Fuck U !!! See you in Vegas At laugh Factory this coming Weekend...17 ...18 ...19 Tropicana. Don't I make Great advertising Billboards. Don't like em know the Rest lol
Columbus! September 14! (Insert wolf howl)
Well, I suspected there were some primitive motherfuckers in my DNA. #notsurprised #cavemandna
Hahahaha @bosslogic , you’re a talented motherfucker and a silly goose! #Repost @bosslogic ・・・ Bit late to the party but still wishing a big happy birthday to the main man @joerogan Had this bear piece laying around so I messed with it a bit :)
Columbus! September 14th I’m back! Tickets at
This is a book written by Bagwan Rashneesh. He’s the cult leader dude from the “Wild Wild Country” @netflix series. It’s a surprisingly profound and interesting read.
Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes today! I had a strange feeling today - I’ve been doing stand up comedy for more than half of my life, but today when I was sitting in my room it occurred to me in a very unique way how bizarre what I do for a living is. After having an amazing time performing for 6000 people last night in Kansas City I was waiting around to go in front of another sold out show tonight in St. Louis, and I had a wave of joy and appreciation wash over me. It energized me for the show and made me want to work harder, and think clearer, and do my best to keep this rolling and take everything I’m doing to the highest level possible. Thank you all. For everything.
Awwww, @stifeltheatre got me a birthday cake ♥️
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