An iconic😩😍
I'm so in love with their relationship. Omg they're the cutest!😩😍
I hope tomorrow i wake up and see all the accounts that instagram disabled are back again!🙄😩
This performance was just fire! Damn mama😩😍🔥🍑
A music video that had everyone shook and showed all those crusty haters that you bitches can't put any woman in the box.😌🍑💅
OMFG. YOU GUYS IM FUCKING SPEECHLESS RN. IDK WHAT TO SAY AND HOW THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE 5OOK. I swear i never thought I'd hit that number one day when i created this account. I remember on the first day i was like I only need this account to check jlo posts😂, but then I kept posting & posting and here we are now.🤧 I'm so proud and thankful you guys named me as the best jlo account for the "photo" edits . I'm sure y'all know I'm the worse person on updates so forgive me for that.💀.I've had so many iconic moments here, made so many loyal and real friends who has supported me since day one till Now. 💗 especially a special thank to my QUEEN @jlo for keeping me inspired to work hard, dream big, think big. Tbh I don't even care she's not following me because i wasn't here for her attention since day one. I'm here to support her so This is all for you babe.😍 Once again thank y'all for all of it. And Welcome to the KINGDOM if you're new here.🤴🏻💪🏻🙌👑 LOVE YOU😭💜
An unforgettable Look.🤤😍🔥💦
Jen on the set of I'm gonna be alright music video🤤😍🍑
This dress broke the whole internet and became one of the most iconic dresses that fashion world has ever seen at the same time. When will your fave?😌💅💦
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