Jennifer Lopez

"Yᴏᴜ get what you give, what you put into things is what you get out of them ~ JLO ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴜᴘ ~ @jlotime  @jlo  saw dm x6 (dm x1)😍 @arod ❤ ×1 saw dm x10

I'm doing edits... this one is as good but "practice makes a dream work 🔥
Goodnight Yall 💕🤠
Omg!!!!! Is she trying to give me a heart attack 😍💕👑
Breaking News !!!!! @jlo is doing a collaboration with @badbunnypr #newmusic 😍💙💋
#tbt in 1997 with Jen 🤞💛💋 Via ~ @mahsa97jlo69
Boy I should stop sleeping i always miss every thing Jen does 😴 Glam by @scottbarnes68 @chrisappleton1 @marielhaenn @tombachik @robzangardi ( @jlo and @ladygaga gave each other a hug but I got no pictures sorry)
Remember when Jennifer was telling Alex where to go and they ended up being lost for 90 minutes 😂😂
Bronx Barbie 💗👑
Yesss bring back the selfies (she looks good with bangs)💙💋
She is flexing her arm 😂💪
My queen looking flawless at @amas awards 💞😍
Queen been slaying looks🔥🔥
Yes everyone we stan a LEGEND 👑
This is just the cutest 😍😍
When you just want to kiss your girlfriend but can't wait any longer so you just give her one during her interview 🔥💗💗👑👑
@maluma and @jlo got the same sense of fashion that they wear the exact same clothes 😂
Get yourself an ex who can still support you even tho you guys ain't together no more like Jen and Diddy 😍
#fbf to last summer with JROD 💛
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