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I will never get tired of exploring my hometown 👌 #experienceagdangan
To where the sea meets the dry land
Spot me
Interesting fact, mount maculot is about 930 masl tall and just rated about 4/9 in difficulty level but you'll be surprise on how hard the trail can be so you still need to prepare yourself before the climb. Just a tip peeps. 😄
When God's paint.
Completed in year 1710, this famous church from the Northern part of Ilocos once called as Saint Augustine Church but most famously known now as Paoay Church was our first stop on our trip to the end of Luzon. It was such a privilege to witness this ginormous building that symbolizes our faith to Him. Definitely a great way to start your travel to seek for guidance during the entire trip. 🙏⛪ #lrclassph
Hello! Sand Dunes! 😜
This day is so meaningful to me to not post anything. 21 it is. Cheers to another year and to more adventures to come. Happy Birthday to me and Happy Feast day Nazareno.😄
It was this time when I first hike a mountain. Without a proper hiking gears and knowledge about hiking we still managed to reach the highest point we've been in our lives. And that was the time when I realized how surreal and how much euphoria you can get by just climbing a mountain. It just feed your soul. I have also realized that regardless of just limited path that leads to the peak that have taken by so many, it's still you that'll bring you to the success you have been dreaming of. It's all in you whether to choose the things you're passionate about or the things that will just do your future. So whatever way you'll take. Take it because it leads you to happiness.
One of the few mountains in Rizal. #MtHapunangBanoi
Fear limits you, be fearless. Never have I thought that i'll put myself on the edge of a cliff. But sometimes, rejecting fear from eating us results from unexpected situation that we never thought would turn this beautiful. So be fearless. #MtPamitinan
You meant to no others but yourself. So boost more yourself up rather than choosing otherwise. #bekindtoyourself
Time for some waves. 🌊
How far would you go just to witness the world? 🗺
Summer heat is not the only thing that gets hot. 🤔
Still in constant play for more colors. #lookatthosecolours
Amidst the roaring sound of raindrops, there's something about rain that still bring us tranquility. Who else enjoys rain as much as I do? 🙌💦
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