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It was this time when I first hike a mountain. Without a proper hiking gears and knowledge about hiking we still managed to reach the highest point we've been in our lives. And that was the time when I realized how surreal and how much euphoria you can get by just climbing a mountain. It just feed your soul. I have also realized that regardless of just limited path that leads to the peak that have taken by so many, it's still you that'll bring you to the success you have been dreaming of. It's all in you whether to choose the things you're passionate about or the things that will just do your future. So whatever way you'll take. Take it because it leads you to happiness.
One of the few mountains in Rizal. #MtHapunangBanoi
Fear limits you, be fearless. Never have I thought that i'll put myself on the edge of a cliff. But sometimes, rejecting fear from eating us results from unexpected situation that we never thought would turn this beautiful. So be fearless. #MtPamitinan
You meant to no others but yourself. So boost more yourself up rather than choosing otherwise. #bekindtoyourself
Time for some waves. 🌊
How far would you go just to witness the world? 🗺
Summer heat is not the only thing that gets hot. 🤔
Still in constant play for more colors. #lookatthosecolours
Amidst the roaring sound of raindrops, there's something about rain that still bring us tranquility. Who else enjoys rain as much as I do? 🙌💦
If you're tired, rest. @jrjimenez14 #mountpamitinan
Braved Mount Pamitinan's trail just to witness the incredible view of the beauty of Rodriguez Rizal from above. Credit to our tour guide who knows how to do his job (pertaining on how he takes picture haha). 😆 #LookAtThoseColors #MountPamitinan #Rizal
🌞 setting down - 🚶- silhouette of the ⛰ . . Perfect sunset experience in one of the best spot in my hometown.
Appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. 🍃
What @hawkbag are really meant of. To fly... #sinopinas
Let's starts where we ended. Reverse chronology ya peeps. Another destination got ticked off the list. Hope everyone got to do so. Who's more to exploring their country in here? 🙌🏽
Here's a photo from our New year trip from last last year. I've been to Ilocos a few times but this special trip awaken my wanderer spirit. It has thought me that there's so many little to massive places and things to discover. Welcoming this year on the road feels like my path is really on traveling and discovering. So I am ready for more. More travel, more challenge, more struggle and of course more learnings and more experience. I might not be fully ready but I will gladly and willingly face them all. Hope everyone had the same feeling of growth as me as a person from last year experiences. Happy New Year everyone! Ciao 2017! Let's all keep going! ✨
Be more appreciative on the simplest things regardless of this world being materialistic.
You're the only person that'll guide you to whatever you are destined to. 💫
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