22 🌻

after the nicest weekend, eating all the food, a Christmas party and booking our first holiday, I am 200% not ready for the next week in work. But at least I can focus on working towards our future plans 😊 also love my tiny eyes 😑
Lennie bit into his burger and the sauce had the most comedy gold fart sound and shot up his sleeve, and I’m just my normal self and got sauce all over me 🐷 but my first burger at Wimpy was still fab
another year, another Glamis estate Christmas party 🤶🏻
the same but different to the one from stories.. slightly 🍰
this time last year ❣️
throwback to when I had stuff to do for a change 🙃 #stillgotnofriends
This is such an old photo but I need a holiday asap pls recommend some good places and things to do there etc
thank u have a nice day 💘
At long last I did it and treated myself to a lil baby beauty from @thegreatfrogldn Merry christmas to meee
trying my best to be a skinny legend
just a girl with a wonky face and shit hair taking herself to the cinema on a weekly basis
Last Sunday’s incredible Mighty Thali from @tandoorchop for Lennie’s birthday, it’s gotta be said that I do find and choose the besttt places. We both tried and liked e v e r y part of it and I can’t wait to have it again 😍 #tandoorchophouse #thali #mightythali #foodie #london #londonfood
Is it feasible for me to quit my job and stay in bed forever???
It’s been over a year since we visited Maltby so we tried our best to make up for it 👅 #maltbystreetmarket #bermondsey #foodmarket #foodie #porkbao #peanutbutterpie #macandcheese #burgerlover #steakandchips #waffles #scotcheggs #nutellacookie
I’d live in this jumper/jacket if I had an option tbh
Beer, duck fat fries and some nice fireworks ☺️ #blackheathfireworks
considering I’d been awake for 18 hours at this point I’m surprised my eyes were even open, they did open a bit more when I saw mcdonald’s at 1am though. Does everyone spend £25 in mcdonald’s after a night out or is that just this guy? 🙄 #6doublecheeseburgers #20chickennuggets #largejamaicanstack #ohandachocolatemilkshake #happyboy
Happy birthday to this guy, now for a weekend of our favourite food 🐷 #29today
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