22 ✨

Happy Valentine’s day from me and my love from our first holiday together in Copenhagen ❤️🌹✨
Happy birthday beautiful girl, 5 whole years old 💔 Your personality keeps getting better, you’re still the biggest diva and now you’re a little clever clogs reading and writing by herself. Eternally the proudest auntie ever ✨
Things can get rough but you’re still my everything ❤️
hello I have not died x
Lottie didn’t want us to leave her playing so she came upstairs to watch me do my make up and put some on uncle Len ❤️
Burgers and Meltdown fries for lunch are the way to my heart #food #londonfood #burgersandfries
my eyebrows, eyeliner, frizzy hair and horrific boss eye make me v sad but I’m so happy and excited for the next couple weeks 🥰
just me, a 5ft6 hash brown x
Had the nicest weekend ever will all of my favourites for my dads 50th and then getting a lovely cinema/dinner date night with Len tonight 🥰
3:25am and I’ve finally finished setting up the living room for dad’s 50th while he’s 100% pretended to be sleeping, never mind so long as he’s happy today 🥳🎊🎉☺️✨ #50thbirthday #happybirthdaydad
my split ends and this lighting are really doing it x
Please can someone remove this jacket from me 🙃
Pretty sunsets walking home are my fave ☺️
reason #742 why I am never ever going to lose weight lol
He took his hat, gloves and coat off so automatically thought he had to take his shoes off to have dinner. He was going ‘Mummy look I took my shoes off’ and showing everyone that walked by and told our waitress ‘Look this is my auntie Jewel’ 😫💔 you’re a pain in the ass at the best of times but god you’re cute mate 💙
An unedited unfiltered selfie on my new phone lolll but look how little of my dyed hair is left!! Shout out to my patience for growing it all out x
When u go on holiday for 4 days in a months time but you’re keen af (and @skinnydiplondon have a sale) 🙊
3 days of being unwell has broken my body send help x
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