Thien Nguyen

a collapsing wave function • melbourne

Birthday dinner at Dinner by Heston (27/12/18) @dinnerbyhb
I started this account out of my childhood obsession with the Gundam/mecha universe, 3 years later it’s a 200K strong global community including some noteworthy celebrity follows. What a journey it’s been so far and looking forward to seeing what the future has in store. Blessings 🙏
Take a moment this busy holiday period to connect with nature and marvel at this insanely alien planet which we inhabit. Happy holidays everyone.
Visited a South American-themed café near home.
I’m unsure why I always have a curious fascination with Rothko. Maybe it’s revealing of some unexplored part of me. - Contemporary Masters Exhibition 7/10/18 @ngvmelbourne
No I won’t pay over two thousand dollars for a device I spend 50% of my time on. #thingsididntsay
In this present moment life is most lively, here alone do we really exist.
New project. Endless possibilities.
Wherever you are. Be all there.
the type of friendships that keep you tethered.
Living at high altitude contemplating the nature of this reality.
Haven’t built one of these in a while. It’s good to be back. #gundam #gunpla
Can’t escape Bitcoin where ever I go. - #bitcoin #japanchronicles #iphoneography
Shibuya, Tokyo. - #japanchronicles #iphoneography
Kyoto in the morning. - #japanchronicles #iphoneography
Kyoto consists of many dried up rivers. The view is still breathtaking. - #japanchronicles #iphoneography
The famous red gates leading to the Mt. Inari summit. - #japanchronicles #iphoneography
The Princess and the Ninja 🖤 - #japanchronicles #iphoneography
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