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Storyteller in the BX. People fuel me. Evening Anchor & Reporter @news12bx @news12bk @syracuseu 🍊

Greatest place with the OG @yankees fan who raised us right...ONLY pinstripes & big blue on in the house growing up🙏🏼🙌🏼😂Love ya Dad! 27 RINGS!
September Summer Feels 🙌🏼☺️
BIG upsets in the Bronx: Alessandra Biaggi @biaggi4ny beats incumbent Jeff Klein for State Senate seat in District 34. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez @ocasio2018 did the same thing in June - unseating Joe Crowley in the congressional primary. Young women trying to change the democrat scene in NY & Washington. #repost @aimerodnews
➡️ICONIC portraits & album covers of hip hop artists over the past 30 years. It was an honor to meet @jonathanmannion master & legend of his work.. so humble & grateful to do what he loves. He brought it all to the BX thanks to @iam_setfree @thecompound_ 🙏🏼🙅🏻‍♀️
The day the world changed forever. 17 years of never forgetting & rising above. Took these photos 2 yrs ago on 9/11. Something about the way those clouds were glowing right above FREEDOM. Honoring the lives who were ripped from this world & the heroes in this city to whom we can never thank enough. #neverforget #iloveny
🌞refreshed after a long weekend & hyped for September 🌞💪🏼
“SHE WAS MY FRIEND I LOVED HER.” - female suspect. Police arrest a man & woman tonight in connection to Lisa Velasquez’s death - whose body parts were found in two different Bronx parks in the past week. • Suspects are Daquan Wheeler and Ciara Martinez.
Shot my last food segment story for Boogie Down Bites - for now! Had a blast at Mama G’s on East Gun Hill...and had a BLAST this summer meeting so many restaurant owners, chefs & cooks. Thank you ALL for showing me your passion, letting me take up room in the kitchen...and EAT! 🔥🙅🏻‍♀️ @news12bx (and shouts to @bpsench for the connect!)
@empanology - This place has become an amazing space for EVERYONE to enjoy food made by an incredible BX couple, music, creativity, dancing and lotssss of laughs. Honored to know Jason & Ruby and to be able to hang at the lab pretty much all summer 😂🙏🏼🥟 head to for my story this is just an @instagram version! 🙅🏻‍♀️
Going into this week like...💃🏻 (when you’re tapped as the leader of the conga line during @thebronxnightmarket ) Shout out to @pswitch.ny for being shocked & capturing the moment haha. Happy Monday! Lets get it.
Thank you for your lifetime of service to this country. A one of a kind politician... 🇺🇸 Thank you for being so gracious, genuine, funny and welcoming to the right out of college - one woman band reporter in this photo. I feel honored to have interviewed Senator McCain one on one before the 2012 election. 🙏🏼 (He said he always went to the Cuse/Georgetown games)
Little reporter/interview workshop with these young guys making moves in life & on the court EARLY🙌🏼 ALL thanks to a BX teacher/Harlem native who is ALWAYS grinding giving back to kids. @e_manmusic @iamgoodnrgy teaching these boys community, mental health awareness & entrepreneurship to be better people & players 💪🏼shouts to these boys @dacityofguards_colds @shiftyfam_zay23 @egc_day
Slight schedule change! Loved being your late night anchor closer but switching it up! You’ll still see me on Nightside at 7 & 8pm every night 🙅🏻‍♀️💪🏼 and some days at 5 & 5:30pm! You won’t see me overnight all the time now. Other than that, as usual, I’m always telling YOUR stories as a reporter ⚡️🙏🏼
Rain or shine 💪🏼 Great win for the boys! Sibling Sunday Funday❤️ PS @sirdidi18 love you feel better 😭
Get to hang out with this guy every night 🎥📺 @news12bx @news12bk
Oh, I’m young? Doesn’t matter. Oh, you grew up there, I grew up here? Doesn’t matter. The YOUTH are taking over & are on a mission to stop gun violence. Young leaders in the BX met with survivors of the Parkland mass shooting & other teens from other cities as March for Our Lives continues. @saveourstreetsbronx does this anti gun violence work every single day - today they hosted. * @ramon.contreras1 (first one in this vide) grew up in the South Bronx & is traveling the nation with March For Our Lives doing WORK and reppin our borough. He got to come back home today. @news12bx @mikeblake1922 @beatstronyc @marchforourlives @davidmileshogg @savagedayetheridge
Tbh I dont do brunch...but when I’s with an amazing group at @motthavenbar SWIPE to see yesterday’s crew 🙏🏼whether I’ve met you on a story, on the street or a #Bronx event - I’ve made some great friends here and am inspired by them. 🙅🏻‍♀️It was an awesome Sunday! Thanks for everything & @ms_rg0131 for being beautiful (shes da mural).
OTR II. Didn’t think it could get better than the first...They never cease to amaze. He is a BOSS. She. Is. IT. The Queen. 💯gonna go run the world now cya. Still shook this morning...💪🏼❤️#otr2
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