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Hey fam!! WHO WANTS FREE CBD?! Im currently doing a giveaway with @groncbd ’s Discover Gift Box! ~ Giveaway open until Sunday (2/3/19) Here’s how to Enter! 1. Follow @JellyPerez91 & @GronCBD 2. Comment a heart (as many times as you can!) 3. Like this photo ~ Extra Entry: 1. Comment a heart on their newest post 2. Comment what you use CBD for ~ Good luck to everyone! Can’t wait to choose the lucky winner!! || #cbd #selfcare #ad #groncbd #giveaway #cbdchocolate
Today has been AMAZING! So proud of us baby @daylynnacacia 🌸 || Comment a random word that you are thinking RIGHT NOW. 😊
The woman that makes each day better than the previous. Thank you for dealing with my craziness honey. 🌸 @daylynnacacia || Tag your best friend in the comments! And if you’re feeling bored... comment your name letter by letter. 😂 I want to see how many of you will actually do that. 👌🏼
Found a fun spot to do some yoga while cleaning our clothes at the laundromat! 2 in 1- can’t complain with that! Recently discovered Yoga Flow from @weekdaywarriors to help get more out of my yoga sessions and love it! This fitness drink has a bunch of amazing and natural ingredients that my body NEEDS. I sometimes like to use meditation music to keep me focused while meditating or doing a yoga sesh but their Yoga Flow peach tea has the same effect... gotta be those Ayurvedic herbs like Cardamom and Ashwagandha. Which I find so interesting! I love being able to truly take care of my body with hydrating electrolytes and also my mind with ancient herbs and green tea. Yoga Flow is now my must for every yoga practice so I got @weekdaywarriors to give me a Special Discount Code for you to try some too! Use JELLYPEREZ20 at checkout to get 20% Off! || #wkdys #weekdayers #yogainflow #lgbt #yoga #meditation
DONT LAUGH AT MY FACE! 😂😂 My hair got stuck and people started watching me while I was taking this lol. || Day and I went on a little adventure outside while I was wearing my Jelly and Day shirt. Every time I wear this shirt it brings back such amazing memories from way back when we started YouTube in 2012. We grew so much as a couple and as individuals and we did so much of that by sharing our lives for years on YouTube. Even with not posting due to so much happening in our lives right now... every little thing that I was able to experience was incredible. Who knew that people would watch our videos because of our vulnerability and being genuine about our day to day lives. You watched us grow each day! It’s crazy how different our lives are now- it took time to really adjust to the drastic changes that happened in the midst of not posting and trying to really focus on ourselves and health. Reason being why we stopped filming for so long. But there’s never a day that I don’t think about y’all! Please never forget that. It’s incredibly important to focus on yourself before anything and anyone else. You are what matters and you have to make yourself happy. You can’t make others happy around you if you haven’t fulfilled your hearts desires. || I wanted to recommend someone that I think could truly help and benefit you. Please check out @betterhelp. I personally thought it was extremely helpful that I was even able to get financial assistance from them because of my current situations. I was able to find a matched licensed therapist within 24 hours. I was STARING at my phone waiting to hear back from someone because I was so excited to get things off of my chest. You don’t even have to go into an office or anything. They let you video chat, call, text, email and those all work for me! So even for my shy fellow friends out there- try this because I think it will really help! This is not a crisis line. I’m not just saying this to say this. Y’all know how much I love to help talk about real life events and being able to make you feel like you aren’t alone. || Anywho, I love you so much and please make sure to take care of yourself.🌸 #selfhelp #ad #lgbt #betterhelp
Got to finally spend a nice day with my wife and Bear today at the park. It was so beautiful outside! Bear jumped into the water because he saw all the ducks and then realized his feet were in the mud and started walking out because he knew he messed up lol! Day and I got to explore and found a lot of cool things that would have been AMAZING to vlog! We saw eggs that were HUGE laying in a nest, the biggest acorns we’ve even seen, Bear having the time of his life exploring, and so much more! It genuinely made my heart happy. Okay enough of the sentimental moment. 😭❤️. I tried the Horchata @cuveecoffee a few days ago and omggggg no words. SO. FREAKING. GOOD. This sounds super weird but right when you open the can this cool and satisfying nitro sound comes out. Scared me at first because I didn't know it was from the can. LOL! I looked at @Daylynnacacia like "OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING" Definitely had to get another to start my day off with the fam. Alright so @CuveeCoffee & and I are doing a giveaway for some coffee and swag and we are super stoked about this! This is for my coffee lovers!! This giveaway is only for 24 hours! ~ HOW TO ENTER (Giveaway open until 12/8/18 ) 1️⃣ Like this photo 2️⃣ Follow @JellyPerez91 & @CuveeCoffee 3️⃣ Comment an emoji of how coffee makes you feel ~ EXTRA ENTRY OPTIONS! 1️⃣Tag yourself in the comments as many times as you want! (Shows us how much you really want this) 2️⃣ Go to @CuveeCoffee newest photo and comment ☕️ 3️⃣ Tag a friend and have them like this post too! ~ Don’t forget to have fun and I’m so excited to be giving something away during the holiday season! Good luck to all and I hope you have the best day EVER! ☕️ ~ #coffee #coffeeholic #cuveecoffee #austintexas #lgbt #ad #hemp #explore
Just got a new vibrator in the mail and looking at my wife @daylynnacacia like “Are you ready for this?! 😂😂” Lol. So excited to have teamed up with @womanizerglobal to give away a special vibrator for the holidays! TO ENTER (Must be 18+) GIVEAWAY CLOSES 11/26/18: 1️⃣ Like this post 2️⃣ Follow @JellyPerez91 @Daylynnacacia @WomanizerGlobal 3️⃣ Comment what color is your fav! EXTRA ENTRIES? 1️⃣ Tag a friend (Up to 5) 2️⃣Have a friend tag you back! 3️⃣ Repost this giveaway and tag us! Good luck to everyone!! #selflove #ad #orgasmisahumanright #womanizerglobal #womanizerliberty #lgbt #gay #couplegoals #giveaway
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I am extremely thankful and grateful for each and every one of you. Yes, even the silent people who follow me as well. 🙈❤️ || We are working our booties off delivering food today. 😂 What is your fav thing to eat for Thanksgiving? || #thanksgiving #lgbt #couplegoals
My hair is so thick lol. We were trying to take a picture and it all got in @daylynnacacia face. I love this one because it shows the struggle in her face.😂 || Tag your significant other in the comments! And something you love about them if ya want! || #gay #lgbt #selflove #couplegoals
Comment your fav emoji at the moment! Mine is 🌸. Also- Don’t forget to smile today! ❤️
~HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY TIME!! LUCKY WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN ON MONDAY 11/19/18~ Trying to take a sexy yoga picture for y'all. What do you think? Haha. No but seriously, just got some @sundayscariescbd and excited to try out their cbd gummies! So far I’m loving the Vegan AF ones, the texture and the taste remind me of a zour. Day and I have been on the look out to find some good CBD brands that actually make a difference in our lives and help with anxiety. So far, so good! This is why I've teamed up with them to do a giveaway!! How to enter: -Like this picture -Make sure you are following @JellyPerez91 & @SundayScariesCbd -Tag yourself & a friend that you believe would enjoy some CBD in their lives -Comment what product you would be interested in! (Tincture or Gummies) * If by any chance you didn’t win the giveaway feel free to use my code for 10% off: Jelly10 * #cbd #sundayscariescbd #ad #lgbt #pride #meditation #yoga #motivation #giveaway #SundayScaries #cbdgummies #vegan #veganaf #vegancbd #discount #austin #texas #health #explore #anxiety #depression
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