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Fun fact- I love murals. I know there were a bunch in Denver too. The fact that an artist can provide such detail in their work fascinates me. Or the simple words of encouragement because let’s be honest- we need more of that in this world. I chose this one because it reminds me of sleep. And sleep reminds me of peacefulness and being in a galaxy full of the unknown. ...And that reminds me of CBD that I take to help me rest. I love finding new CBD brands because they are all different and for me at least, give a different effect. I DEFINITELY find that @hempbombs gummies PASS ME THE F*** OUT! 😂 Day knows what’s about to happen when I reach for the gummies hahaha. I just have to look at her and she knows I’m getting prepared for sleep. || A new thing I’ve been doing is sleep hypnosis on YouTube. Has anyone tried it before? Has it helped you really take a look at yourself? Resting your mind. Feeling yourself being asleep but also awake? Does this make any sense to you? It does for me. It’s an exciting new thing I’ve been doing and wanted to share since that’s all I’ve ever done with y’all for the past 6 years now? Omg. 6 YEARS. That’s so crazy. Wow. Time flies! Thanks @hempbombs for sponsoring this post. You helped @daylynnacacia and I more than you’ll ever know. || #ad #hemp #cbd #selfcare #hempbombs #hempbombspartner #lgbt || If you’re still reading this comment ❤️
Got to finally spend a nice day with my wife and Bear today at the park. It was so beautiful outside! Bear jumped into the water because he saw all the ducks and then realized his feet were in the mud and started walking out because he knew he messed up lol! Day and I got to explore and found a lot of cool things that would have been AMAZING to vlog! We saw eggs that were HUGE laying in a nest, the biggest acorns we’ve even seen, Bear having the time of his life exploring, and so much more! It genuinely made my heart happy. Okay enough of the sentimental moment. 😭❤️. I tried the Horchata @cuveecoffee a few days ago and omggggg no words. SO. FREAKING. GOOD. This sounds super weird but right when you open the can this cool and satisfying nitro sound comes out. Scared me at first because I didn't know it was from the can. LOL! I looked at @Daylynnacacia like "OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING" Definitely had to get another to start my day off with the fam. Alright so @CuveeCoffee & and I are doing a giveaway for some coffee and swag and we are super stoked about this! This is for my coffee lovers!! This giveaway is only for 24 hours! ~ HOW TO ENTER (Giveaway open until 12/8/18 ) 1️⃣ Like this photo 2️⃣ Follow @JellyPerez91 & @CuveeCoffee 3️⃣ Comment an emoji of how coffee makes you feel ~ EXTRA ENTRY OPTIONS! 1️⃣Tag yourself in the comments as many times as you want! (Shows us how much you really want this) 2️⃣ Go to @CuveeCoffee newest photo and comment ☕️ 3️⃣ Tag a friend and have them like this post too! ~ Don’t forget to have fun and I’m so excited to be giving something away during the holiday season! Good luck to all and I hope you have the best day EVER! ☕️ ~ #coffee #coffeeholic #cuveecoffee #austintexas #lgbt #ad #hemp #explore
Just got a new vibrator in the mail and looking at my wife @daylynnacacia like “Are you ready for this?! 😂😂” Lol. So excited to have teamed up with @womanizerglobal to give away a special vibrator for the holidays! TO ENTER (Must be 18+) GIVEAWAY CLOSES 11/26/18: 1️⃣ Like this post 2️⃣ Follow @JellyPerez91 @Daylynnacacia @WomanizerGlobal 3️⃣ Comment what color is your fav! EXTRA ENTRIES? 1️⃣ Tag a friend (Up to 5) 2️⃣Have a friend tag you back! 3️⃣ Repost this giveaway and tag us! Good luck to everyone!! #selflove #ad #orgasmisahumanright #womanizerglobal #womanizerliberty #lgbt #gay #couplegoals #giveaway
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I am extremely thankful and grateful for each and every one of you. Yes, even the silent people who follow me as well. 🙈❤️ || We are working our booties off delivering food today. 😂 What is your fav thing to eat for Thanksgiving? || #thanksgiving #lgbt #couplegoals
My hair is so thick lol. We were trying to take a picture and it all got in @daylynnacacia face. I love this one because it shows the struggle in her face.😂 || Tag your significant other in the comments! And something you love about them if ya want! || #gay #lgbt #selflove #couplegoals
Comment your fav emoji at the moment! Mine is 🌸. Also- Don’t forget to smile today! ❤️
~HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY TIME!! LUCKY WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN ON MONDAY 11/19/18~ Trying to take a sexy yoga picture for y'all. What do you think? Haha. No but seriously, just got some @sundayscariescbd and excited to try out their cbd gummies! So far I’m loving the Vegan AF ones, the texture and the taste remind me of a zour. Day and I have been on the look out to find some good CBD brands that actually make a difference in our lives and help with anxiety. So far, so good! This is why I've teamed up with them to do a giveaway!! How to enter: -Like this picture -Make sure you are following @JellyPerez91 & @SundayScariesCbd -Tag yourself & a friend that you believe would enjoy some CBD in their lives -Comment what product you would be interested in! (Tincture or Gummies) * If by any chance you didn’t win the giveaway feel free to use my code for 10% off: Jelly10 * #cbd #sundayscariescbd #ad #lgbt #pride #meditation #yoga #motivation #giveaway #SundayScaries #cbdgummies #vegan #veganaf #vegancbd #discount #austin #texas #health #explore #anxiety #depression
Hi Jelly & Day fam! How are y’all doing today?! Today is such a wonderful day for me. We happened to be in the area that we used to live in before we moved to Colorado. So many wonderful memories made here. This is where it all truly began. We worked our asses off to work for ourselves. We connected with THOUSANDS of you whether it were from YouTube, YouNow, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or It was our passion... what we loved doing the most. I see hope and good things coming. I remember us working so hard to just vlog our lives as normal people. Not trying to fake anything. Just raw. I’m sorry that we may have let y’all down by being gone for so long but so EXTREMELY grateful for those who have stuck around to see us grow and transform into what we are now. So much has changed and there’s so much to voice and spread. We want to be that voice again more than anything. So excited to get closer to our goal of vlogging again. Great things take time and I’m willing to take life day by day and working my ass off so I can make what genuinely made me happy again. Genuinely wanted to reach out and say thank you. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being here for us when we needed you the most. Remember to always follow your heart. || My question of the day for you is- What makes you happy? It can be anything! Don’t feel judged. Speak your mind. I want to know! || I also wanted to thank @timmyswell for giving us his laptop that was no longer useful for him. It’s one step closer to being able to do what we love. It truly makes my heart happy that there are people in this world who care. I want to be the voice of hardships, inspiration, and everything in between. Finding people who connect with this Jelly & Day family that have gone through things in life but continue to never give up. A family who is supportive and loving and here for one another, because that’s what family is for. || I’m rambling again. 🙈 I love you. If you made it this far down this caption let me know in the comments haha. || #inspiration #motivation #lgbt #yoga #meditation #pride #adventure #explore
Day and I have been sleeping on an air mattress and the floor for a while now since packing up our things in Colorado and moving to Texas. We sold everything we had because we were only able to fit our belongings in our Jeep. So glad we FINALLY have a mattress! I’ve never heard of a mattress being sent in a box though haha. I swear this is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever been on. Can’t wait to start having great sleep and not worry about feeling like I’m on a boat while I’m asleep because the air mattress was sinking to the ground. Or feeling sore because my whole body was laying on the floor with no cushion. So excited about our new @lullbed mattress! Thank you @lullbed for your comfortable mattress and making me sleep better at night with my wife, cat, and dog. We really appreciate it! Here’s to getting through rough times together! : : : Get yours for $100 off with my link : #austin #pride #lgbt #ad #inspiration #meditation #yoga #motivation #discount #getyourlullon
My shirt says “Make your own luck” Comment yes if you think you’re gonna make today YOUR DAY! I know I am. 🌸 Also- Been really sore just about everywhere on my body but found @heelthatpain in the midst of searching for something to help make my life just a little bit better. I’ve personally found that at the end of a long day- I like to use their ice therapy slippers... BRRR! No but seriously it does help alleviate tension. || Thank you @heelthatpain for your help and I’ll definitely start using those heel seats when I get back to bouldering! || Everyone send them our love because without them I wouldn’t have also been able to get my EEG last week. Life savers. I love being open and honest with you guys because that is what you deserve! I love you and have THE BEST day, for me, and for yourself. 🌸 || #heelthatpain #ad #lgbt #adventure #meditation #yoga #pride #austin #explore
I hope everyone is having a great day! Saw these beauties by the convenient store and they made my heart happy! || Comment your favorite season! How ever your mind my take that. I love my Scorpio season... it just started! Love you and have a wonderful day!! Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way.🌸 || #scorpio #scorpioseason #zodiac #astrology #lgbt #pride #austin #explore
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