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Can’t believe I get to have my best friend @ashley_iaconetti by my side for the rest of my life! Check out the series premiere of #AMillionLittleThings , which follows a group of friends in Boston, premiering Wednesday September 26th at 10|9c on ABC! @millionlittlethingsabc #ad
Our families met and nobody was thrown overboard. Our first vacation in the books. I love everyone in this picture and feel like the luckiest guy in the world to call them family. @royalcaribbean #marineroftheseas
Pretty sure Ashley's hat is big enough to provide shade for the entire cruise ship. Just in case though, I brought our new #diffeyewear sunglasses. All frames are $50 or less over on diffeyewear.com. Get yours today! #DIFFpartner
As Loveman himself, it sucks to hear my fellow superhero friend @henrycavill isn't playing Superman anymore. He was my second favorite actor to play the role, behind the late great Christopher Reeve. I really like Man of Steel, Batman v Superman has grown on me over the years and while I don't like Justice League, Henry Cavill was the best part of that movie (minus the CGI mustache). You're probably not reading this anymore nor care about my opinion on the subject, but I really hope this doesn't turn out to be true. Hopefully things get worked out so Warner Bros. and DC can make a Man of Steel sequel with Cavill reprising his role as Superman, my favorite character of all-time.
Sandwiched between two great men. My father and my future father-in-law. #MoLarryCurly @wfortlauderdale
The real heroes #NeverForget
#ad If you’ve never been on a date bad enough to bring on a headache...congratulations. Although my bad date days are long over, I can’t help but wonder, where was @excedrin Bad Date Edition years ago?!
Would you like to hear the story of how your parents met, Bella?
This is what engaged life looks like.
I can analyze the Batman films for hours and talk Red Sox till I'm blue in the face. My passions collide at the appropriately named @collidervideo.
More tea please!! The lady turned me onto these boxes and I’m pretty impressed. #fabfitfunpartner This is the Fall Box from @fabfitfun and there’s some pretty good stuff in here. Products from brands like GLAMGLOW (not going to lie, didn't hate wearing the mask), Alfred, Grown Alchemist and more come in this season’s box. The box has a value of $200 but you can get it for just $39.99!! Head over to www.fabfitfun.com and use my code TRUELOVE at checkout for a discount. #fabfitfun
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