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I'm a board game designer and president of Stonemaier Games. I write about Kickstarter. Most photos I take are of my cats and games.

My Little Scythe and The Rise of Fenris are now available worldwide in English! (Localized versions coming in 2 months.) Are you playing either of them this weekend? #scythe #mylittlescythe #stonemaiergames
Queendomino! This was a really nice surprise, and I look forward to playing again. The market adds just enough complexity without making the game unwieldy as a filler plus. What’s your favorite thing about Queendomino?
A rare occurrence happened yesterday. While I was vacuuming, Walter jumped up on the windowsill where Biddy was napping. Instead of poking Biddy, he settled down, and they both remained there for the next 2 hours! They hardly ever get that close, especially not for that much time in peace. Are your pets/kids like this?
Pizza Burger! A local restaurant (@hipointedrivein ) featured this as their daily special, and I had to try it. It filled two meals, and it was so good. What’s the best burger/sandwich you’ve eaten recently?
Sundae Split! I really enjoyed my first play of this I-cut-you-choose filler. You’re required to play a few cards face-down, so I added a little chaos by randomly placing my face-down cards with looking at them! I look forward to playing again.
City of Gears! With a new Stonemaier ambassador at the table (a friend’s son). Alex, part of the @greyfoxgames team, attends my game nights, so he shared the first copy of this new game with us. It’s very interesting how it evolves from an exploration game to a take-that game while on an engine-building foundation.
Council of Four! I played this for the first time a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised by it. Will it appear in this week’s Sunday Sitdown YouTube video featuring my top 10 engine-building game? We’ll see in a few hours. What are some of your favorite engine building games?
7 Wonders Duel! Such a climactic ending. Going into the third era, I was 1 card away from a science victory and my opponent was 1 card away from a military victory. So the deal itself was intense, with neither card available. I went first, and the card I chose revealed a military card for my opponent, who got the instant win. Despite the loss, I love memorable moments like this! Have you had any recent close finishes in any game?
The best meal we had at Gen Con was on the second level of Harry and Izzy’s. I’m still thinking about their spicy shrimp cocktail and prime rib. What’s the best meal you’ve had lately?
Welcome To! I played my copy for the first time last night. It’s so nice that it scales up to 100 players, as a few people showed up that I didn’t expect. I enjoyed it and will talk about it in a video tomorrow on YouTube. What’s your favorite mechanism in it (or your favorite roll and write game)?
Scythe Encounters! I’ll be talking about this new promo pack on Facebook Live (Stonemaier Games FB page) today at 10:00 CDT.
Which new game should I play next? Welcome To, Sundae Split, a Graphic Novel Adventure, Brass: Birmingham, The Rise of Queensdale, or Western Legends?
The Mind! I finally got to play this at Gen Con, and I really enjoyed it (we only had time for one game, and we lost on level 6). I’ll post my favorite mechanism video about it tomorrow. What’s yours?
Between Two Cities! I had fun teaching and playing alongside a young ambassador last night at Gen Con. She won!
Hanamikoji! Always great when you have a few spare minutes, and it was great to play a game with Stonemaier ambassador @charlesadionne
Our conference room was hopping last night for Scythe and My Little Scythe Night. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!
Gen Con booth 3019! This is the only time I’ll be able to see it, but I’m glad I did, as @meeplesource did an amazing job setting it up. Guess in the comments how many pallets of games, expansions, accessories, and promos they fit into the booth? (A pallet is about the size of a home bathroom.)
Biddy helped me pack some of our demo materials for Gen Con—such a good boy! Though I had to bribe him to exit that bag. If you’re at Gen Con, our booth is 3019, and feel free to stop by our open game nights (Thurs/Fri/Sat from 8:00-11:00) in the Denver room of the Marriott Downtown!
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