James Ash Doughty

Creative soul based in Cambridge, UK. Proud father of one. Casual observer to Earth's regular strange happenings and calamities. 🎥

A behind the scenes snap from my latest film: ‘Do You Really Want To Know What I Think?’. Very much looking forward to sharing this one with you all! Photo: @kimi_maii 📷 #shortfilm #film #cinema #filmmaker
Do You Really Want To Know What I Think? 🎥 Coming Soon
Throwback to a photo shoot I took part in around 7 years ago. Times have certainly changed!
I wonder what strange and unusual things appear in that wonderful mind of hers... 🌹❤️
Never forget how lucky we are to walk this beautiful world together 🌍
I’m going to be looking for cast + crew soon for an upcoming project. Until then, here’s something from my most recent project that you will see soon. 🎥
Something I need to do more in 2018 is read more, I haven’t read a book in full in well over a year at least. May as well start with a good one! #dune
I’ve gone analogue. Today I was with the Canon F-1.
I’m still here.
Adventure filmmaking on an old beach to the east. Film coming soon. 🎥
It might be time to begin a new chapter. Finish what I started five years ago, but this time do it properly.
The world is so much bigger than we realise. Imagine a life without the Internet, without worldwide transport. Where would you call home if it was the only place you were able to be?
I'm itching to do something creative rather a lot at the moment. Writing is all well and good, but creating is where it's really at. Roll on the next couple of months. 🎥
A little throwback to the summer time. ☀️📷
Outdoor cinema with my lovely family tonight. It's definitely the little things... 🎥❤️
A small peek into my workspace. 🎥
Get out and explore, I really can't stress this enough. I drove around 300-400 miles that day but it was worth it.
When I was a young boy I desperately wanted to be a pilot. Growing up around my father, hearing tales about my grandparents during the World Wars and attending many air shows and events taking us back in time to the 40s, the idea of piloting a piece of engineering as marvellous as a Spitfire was an easy dream to conjure for someone so young. Alas, I did not become a pilot, instead I chose to follow my creativity and forge a career out of that. I wouldn't change it for the world of course, but there are times that I wonder what my life might have been like had I followed a different path...
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