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Stay alive challenge accepted 💜💜💜
[[[Cody Christian]]] or Matthew Daddario (asked by @void._.mikaelson ) Love Matt but CODY CHRISTIAN IS DADDY AF!! I LOVE THAT MAN SO MUCH!! He's not only sexy as hell! But he's super talented & seems like the biggest sweetheart ever! I wish I get to see that in person one day! Videos are not mine. Credits go to @laraediting (1st vid) @raekinski_ (2nd vid) @siredtocody (3rd vid) @wishfulstiles (4th vid) @cosmichale (5th vid) (6th vid idk) @anocsis (7th vid) @bocaxvoid (8th vid)
[Dylan O'Brien] or Dylan Sprayberry (asked by @void._.mikaelson ) I love both so much! Sprayberry is such a smol adorable bean & I love him but I have to go with DOB! ESPICALLY NOW SINCE WHAT HES SAYING ABOUT LOGAN PAUL!! 😂😂😂 videos aren't mine. Credit go to @xlymphaticus & @thedylanobrien
Dom Sherwood [or] Tyler Posey (asked by @void._.mikaelson ) I CANT CHOOSE!! I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH!! I MEAN THEY'RE BOTH SOFT SMOL GOOFY BEANS!! videos not mine. Credits go to @claceginger (Dom vid) & @halesfilms (Posey vid)
Jalec [or] Sherdario (asked by @queeralec ) (KAT I LOVE YOU BUT YOU'RE EVIL! LOL) I CANT CHOOSE!! I LOVE THEM BOTH FOR DEFERIRENT REASONS!! But *sigh* if I had to I guess Jalec! 😥 just because the whole beautiful parabatai relationship! Cause it's like no other relationship! Video not mine. Credits go to @queeralec @jalecisdead I added the second video because ITS PURE GOLD!!
[Jalec] or Sterek (asked by @sterekdefensesquad ) GOD THIS WAS SO HARD!! I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH BUT JALEC HAS TAKEN OVER ME!! Video is not mine. Credits go to @queeralec @jalecisdead
[Jace] or Alec (asked by @jalecsquad ) I love Alec but Jace is my CHILD!! He needs to be protected by all cost! Video not mine. Credits go to @shadowhunters_news
Please comments any two ships, friendships, characters, shows or celebrities & I'll try to choose between them! lol 😊 (just tagged random)