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Let’s all go #downtothehonkytonk

Life’s Whatcha Make It @morganwallen @davidleemurphy 📽: @matthewpaskert
@davidleemurphy is the shit.
It was lil’ Emily’s first concert ever and she rode high on her Daddy’s shoulders the entire show. She high fived me with her drool covered fingers and she and I sat Indian style and hung out and sang for a few minutes. Props to her Dad for bringing his little girl out to a show and starting her early! Also, most importantly, props to him for being a great Dad to his daughter. Every little girl deserves a father that’s always there for them. 📸: @matthewpaskert
Hangin with T.I. @troubleman31 today doing some filming @jimmykimmellive #whatchaknowaboutthat
Being on the road is an amazing job and has so many special moments. BUT, being away from my little girl when she learned to ride her bike with no training wheels today is tough! I am so excited for her and a proud Dad. Her excitement in her “Hey Daddy” made my whole week. Ha. It’s the little moments in life. The FIRST times. Cherish them.
The best selling night so far on the “Life’s Whatcha Make It Tour”.. thanks to the over 8,000 people that bought a ticket and came out to smile and sing along. It was one I’ll always remember. Thanks California for always being so good to us. 📹: @matthewpaskert
Barefoot Blue Jean Night 📸: @matthewpaskert
Had to break out my fav vintage tee today for my buddy @realtravistritt ... #realcountrytv has been a blast so far. Can’t wait for y’all to see this. Amazing talent.
Thanks Kentucky for an amazing evening. 📸: @matthewpaskert
Thanks for the birthday wishes. Getting older is a blessing. I’m thankful to live this life and to be given the greatest gift I could ever receive. Not a bad way to wake up on my birthday. Happy Birthday to my twin bro Jarrod too... love and miss ya bro
Great run of shows this week. Last run before my bday on Tues. I’m reminded every time I get the opportunity to walk onto a stage, that I’m one lucky man and I’m so thankful for this ride. Love y’all. See ya when I’m 37. 🤫🤭😬. 📸: @matthewpaskert
@jordandavisofficial lost a golf bet. His entire band had to wear my terrible face T-shirt on stage. I was convinced by @dierksbentley and many other people that enjoy cold water, that this ice bath thing is actually good for you. Well, my point is that this picture transpired when all of those situations crossed paths. End of story.
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