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❤️10-3-16 🐢 paced life gainz

My love 😍😘☺️thank you for doing life with me!! #happyvalentinesday #love #lucky #grateful #bestfriend
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Will Durant . . I personally have had so many shitty habits ... - Seeking validation from “peers” - Giving myself bullshit excuses - Taking perspectives and opinions of others too personally - Judging people too quickly before getting to really know them - Focusing on and or trying to control shit that is out of my control - Trying to coordinate my life within some of “societies” bs rules - Comparing myself to others in an unhealthy manner - Excessively beating myself up over failures - Talking down on myself - Not correcting emotional reactions - Giving people too many chances - Poor money management - Not being straightforward The list goes on ... . . Whether it was in a moment or phase of my life, in those moments and or in hind sight I have personally felt a lot of discontent with the outcomes of my unchecked habits and have seen the negative affects in both my personal and work life. . . Most of us already have a good idea of what we could do better at and have even worked on the things we want to change in ourselves and our lives, but eventually give up because we keep getting the same un desirable outcomes and behaviors no matter how much effort we might put into it. . . Here are two ideas that have personally helped me . . “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” -Albert Einstein . . And “No matter what trouble you mention, it has happened to many” -Seneca . . So seek out information and tactics from people that have been through similar circumstances as yourself, have worked through similar behavioral challenges and or whatever it is you are facing. Then find the daily actions to take towards the desired outcome, maybe ask someone to help hold you accountable to those actions, measure yourself against the improvement, and then reflect and adjust as needed until you get there! “Confidence is earned and comes from knowing you can always at the very least manage yourself and learn when you fail” . . Just 1 of 7.6 billion perspectives One day at a time.
❤️ @edc_lasvegas 2017 ❤️ These festivals are a place where you can genuinely be yourself. And the people you experience this with and the environment are a true embodiment of P.eace L.ove U.nity R.espect ..regardless of anyone's gender, gender identity, sexual preference, political views, color of skin, or how their body looks, their job title, etc. Special people sharing a unique experience ❤️ And I'm lucky I get to share them with you @miriamm_xoxo 💕 @aboveandbeyond @alesso @sevenlionsmusic @martingarrix @axwell @ingrosso @arminvanbuuren @hardwell @alanwalkermusic
Another memorable night @miriamm_xoxo 😘 And @iamtjr fucking killed it 🔥 @skyslc @v2presents
"Although these all may seem very unrelated they all share many neurobiological similarities", that the "flow genome project" over the last decade have been able to study. Synopsis Ecstasis: "A very specific range of non-ordinary states of Consciousness (NOSC) - what Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Stanislav Griffith defined as those experiences "characterized by dramatic perceptual changes, intense and often unusual emotions, profound alterations in the thought processes and behavior, [brought about] by a variety of psychosomatic manifestations, ranging from profound terror to ecstatic rapture..." According to the "flow genome project" there are three categories of Ecstasis in relation to this mental state. 1.) Flow states; group flow(church, raves, sporting events, etc. (connectedness with large groups)), "in-the-zone" moments most associated but not limited to competition, I.e. athletics, gaming, debates etc. 2.) Contemplative and "mystical" states; most associated but not limited to forms of self expression such as, chanting, dance, meditation, sexuality, and or anything where the "self" is shut off. 3.) Psychedelic states; pharmacological; inclusive but not limited to nootropics, mdma, weed, mushrooms etc. You will find yourself in a moment of ecstasis, again not limited to the examples listed above, if you feel a combination of sense of (S)elflessness, (T)imelessness, (E)ffortlessbess, and (R)ichness in information. The mind like a muscle must be consistently stretched beyond its current dimensions to grow. To enhance the quality of our lives we must take action to expose ourselves to experiences that will induce the growth and expansion of perceptions, and in turn the quality of our perceptions of the world and one another. "Are any of these pursuits worth the time, effort, and money we invest in them? Are we more energetic, empathetic, and ethical afterward? If not, they're just distractions or diversions from our lives."
Life is an accumulation of moments ❤️ Great vibes, great atmosphere, and amazing company ✌🏼 @miriamm_xoxo 💕 @angieyonce @killthenoise @makj @dadalife @v2presents #utah #rave #plur #love #ravebabe #electricfamily
Pragmatism: An approach that assesses the truth of meaning of theories or beliefs in terms of the success of their practical application. We can see with the nature of humans that if you want to grow as an individual there's got to be some sense of humility, open minded ness, and skepticism (amongst many other things). Because we must be open minded enough to challenge our current ideals when presented with new information! Whether that be with business, relationships, spirituality, perceptions of how the world operates, etc. Trying to stretch the key hole I see the world through 🧐
Made the best of our time, and super grateful to have been able to join you guys! 🙌🏻☺️ Cheer comp, familia tiempo, gambling, Above and beyond 😍 at the Hakkassan, the high roller, zip lines, New York New York rollercoaster, my first Latin club, @marivelr16 helping me plan our surprise helicopter ride, and the best part of it all was sharing every moment with this woman @miriamm_xoxo @aboveandbeyond @hakkasanlv @southpointlv
Healthy, inexpensive dieting option Chicken and sweet potato Could be used for both cutting and putting on weight 2nd picture has macro count
"Never too high during the highs, nor too low during the lows" #cliche Always aiming to enjoy the journey in every aspect of life and to find Balance in between the highs and the lows Much love to everyone and your journeys, whatever that might be! Dat trying to not breathe while you’re flexing face doe 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ On that healthy bulk grind 🐢 #grainofsalt #ripebeast #utah #utahfitness #fitfam #bodybuilding #mensphysique #humbled #training #vasa #muchlove #pushyourself #utahfitspo #fitnessmodel #diet #ngautah #npc #npcutah #powerlifting #healthyfood #healthymind #utahfitfam #fitness #slc #realtor #nofilter #modelmayhem #bodybuilding .com #naturalbodybuilding
Every day is valentine's day with you ❤ Amor de mi vida, my best friend, my bliss. Forever humbled and grateful to be your partner 😘 @miriamm_xoxo #utah #luckydude #love #loveher #grateful #valentines #everyday #cutecouples #cutecoupleshit #luckydude #adoreher #girlfriend #humbled #edm #rave #iceskating #awe #grateful
♻ The RAS (Reticular Activating System): responsible for filtering the massive amounts of information your sensory organs are constantly throwing at it and selecting the ones that are most important for your conscious and unconscious mind to pay attention to. Based off subjective beliefs and "maps" of the world your brain using the RAS will subconsciously choose what to focus on Focus determines what you feed your mind with What you feed your mind with determines action Actions bring results/outcomes Results/outcomes bring affirmation/association - Self talk, whether subconscious or conscious, in this process is a tool for reflection of results which allows oneself to reaffirm a prior belief or  a new one Affirmations/association brings belief/convictions -Belief: a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing Beliefs/ convictions determine the environments you place yourself in Environments, in which we've placed ourselves, provide the information for the brain to pick and choose from ♻ You gotta Use what works for you #just #foodforthought #grainofsalt #stoic #stoicism #vibes #mentalhealth #mentalfitness #psychology #hustle #loveyourjourney #growth #document #yourjourney #utah #utahfitfam #entrepreneur #behumble #staydriven #tenacity #philosophy #information #education #focus
New years was my first festival, and Wow what an experience! Absolutely loved every second of it! Was with great company, my love, and met some of the Nicest of people! 😊✌ #utah #utahfitfam #pheonix #arizona #edm #edmcouple #ravecouple #love #peace #djsnake #zedd #chainsmokers #deadmau5 #porterrobinson #goodvibes #dance #2017 #nye #decedance #family #unity
Optimism: As important as I think it is to be optimistic there are two practices I use to keep myself from blind optimism, Blind optimism in my own interpretation being; thinking you can get through any situation without the preparedness to take on worse case scenarios. Practices - 1st -Negative Visualization(a stoic exercise): As something to practice on a day to day basis; imagine you have lost the things with most value to you. As a tool to use before making a decision, a plan, etc; accept the possibility of worse case results of your actions. 2nd -Gratitude: Whatever that looks like for you. We all "know" the things we are grateful for and scared to lose in the "back of our minds". However, when you take time to consciously think about these(i only use 5-10min/day), the actual process of thinking about them becomes a tool, a way to condition your mind. And what's conditioned upon will give you a sense of familiarity, but also drive your focus, Your focus affects your neuro chemistry, and in turn affects your state of mind. Much love to everyone and their journeys! You gotta Use what works for you #just #foodforthought #grainofsalt #stoic #stoicism #vibes #mentalhealth #mentalfitness #psychology #hustle #loveyourjourney #growth #document #yourjourney #utah #utahfitfam #entrepreneur #behumble #staydriven #tenacity #philosophy #information #education
Jason Silva defines.. “an experience of such perceptual vastness you literally have to reconfigure your mental models of the world to assimilate it.” as "Awe". In the 22 years I have been alive falling in love with you has been my favorite experience of Awe. I've had to redefine what it means to love someone, to try to make even a little sense of how someone could ever feel such a way about another person. Both humbled and grateful to call you my girlfriend baby @miriamm_xoxo. ❤ I Love you, every moment of every day, for however many days we get, for the rest of our lives😊 #utah #luckydude #love #loveher #grateful
Starting to incorporate healthier oils into my daily diet. Doing a tablespoon of hemp oil in my protein shakes. And cooking with avocado and coconut oil! Oils are super easy to add into routine, but do your research and find what's going to work for you! #research #it #use #what #works #for #you #ripebeast #utah #utahfitness #fitfam #health #healthymind #bodybuilding #essential #healthyfood #longevity #vasa #hemp #muchlove #loveyourjourney
There really are not enough words to express how graelteful I am that this amazing woman came into my life. I am humbled, honored and lucky to call you mine baby 😘 @miriamm_xoxo. From someone who gets high off of life.. you have taken me to new heights ❤ #utah #cutecouples #cutecoupleshit #luckydude #adoreher #girlfriend #humbled #utahfitspo
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