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Cabin builder/2nd grade teacher On sabbatical Building @pnwcabinland w/ @saraunderwood jacobthecabinboy@gmail.com ‼️NEW VID‼️on our YouTube channel👇🏼

Step up, come in and let the adventure begin. Watch me start building what i can already tell is going to be my favorite cabin (link in bio) 📷 by @josseph
If you haven’t seen it already, head on over to our YouTube channel (link in bio) to see the entire introductory episode of Cabinland!
Despite the weather and technical difficulties @saraunderwood and I have continued to build our dream. Head to @pnwcabinland , there’s a link in the bio to our YouTube channel where we’re releasing our introductory video tomorrow! I’ve watched it over and over again and it’s something that I’m truly proud of. The next episode drops just days later. This is my most epic undertaking ever, thanks for following along! 📷 by @saraunderwood
There was one structure on the Cabinland property that was in decent condition. A log cabin with a dirt floor. On day one we built a floor and put a wood stove in there so we could set up shop. Ever since we got here we’ve been working nonstop. Not only have we been building what I think will be my coolest cabin yet, we’ve been documenting the whole thing with a team of shooters, producers and editors! Head to our new YouTube channel and subscribe so you don’t miss the first episode of our web-series, set to drop next week (link in bio). Also make sure you check out @pnwcabinland for updates on our cabin adventures.
Back in the Pacific Northwest, trying to make cabins that look like they grew here. Check out @pnwcabinland my latest project. @saraunderwood and I are homesteading, making a cabin freak show in the middle of the rainforest and we’re being filmed doing the whole thing! Check out @pnwcabinland for updates of both the cabin builds and the show that’s set to drop next week! 📷 by @josseph
@pnwcabinland is for real now. It’s happening. We’re doing it!!! The love of my life, @saraunderwood , and I have arrived in the rainforest on the piece of property we just purchased and have begun to build our dream. The land has a creepy old campground and many acres of untouched forest for us to create some epic cabins. Please go follow our page, @pnwcabinland for exclusive documentation of the build!
This week I got to visit the school I taught at in Boston for 7 years! This is the first year I haven’t taught in almost a decade. It’s been amazing to watch these people grow and mature. Visiting was bitter sweet. I was instantly overwhelmed by a tidal wave of emotions and memories. I miss the connections I built with those fine young humans and their families. I miss recess. I miss being there for my students as a consistent and dependable adult. I miss teaching them and I miss them teaching me. It was hard to tear myself away... but I consider myself lucky. I’m stepping away from something I truly love to do something else I truly love. Building @pnwcabinland is going to be amazing and worth it... but I’ll always miss my life as a teacher and won’t be able to stay away forever.
Cruising back to the west coast to reunite with the good ole truck cabin. We’re gonna be asking a lot from it in the coming year as we build Cabinland together... get ready to go to work! 📷 by @saraunderwood
Just days away from heading back to the Pacific Northwest and starting to build @pnwcabinland with @saraunderwood ! I hope y’all follow along! 📷 by @kalenemsley
Back when I was 22, only had $800 for a cabin and instagram didn’t exist. Thinking about that time and cabins like this one, my first, gets me nostalgic. Cabinland is going to be even better tho and I can’t wait to share. @saraunderwood have been getting closer and closer and it’s almost time to break ground! 📷 by @ @chriskerksieck
Green Christmas 📷 by @reneeroaming Cabin by @jacobwitzling
120 inches of rain per year isn’t that bad when you have a cozy loft and skylight to view it from 📷 by @andrewtkearns
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